Unable to Advance

Despite weeks of leveling up, changing up teams, and trying new strategies I have been unable to advance past The Badlands for about a month. It’s become so frustrating to be locked into somewhere between 2100 and 2300 trophies that I’m not sure that I’m going to keep playing. I have given Ludia so much of my time and my money and I’m just not sure why anymore. Games should be fun above all else but when you run between two walls for eternity it would almost be more entertaining to watch paint dry. I know I need to earn more incubators to improve and move forward but why would I when it’s a titanic struggle to make small progress that you are guaranteed to lose?

This post is only to point out that the mechanics may be unbalanced and require review. Battles have potential but only if it’s possible for players to enjoy them.


I’m the same level as you and in the badlands as well. I win and lose back and forth but I am still slowly climbing. There will always be times where you get stomped on by somebody else’s team and/or their superior strategy. Don’t get too discouraged! You can do it! :smiley:

What does your team consist of?


I myself have been stuck between 2900- 3200 for over a month, it is very frustrating, but don’t give up! I was gonna ask the same thing as @T-Wrecked was asking, what is your team?


Collect coins and hunt for DNA as much as possible. Keep leveling the dinos that you find the most of. Eventually you’ll be high enough level on enough dinos to push forward. Incubators are random and can’t be relied on.

don’t worry, i’m too stuck within badlands due to strong opponents with better hybrids than I do. It seems to be to climb higher, you need to match up better hybrids or play tactical. As my strategy is playing tactical instead of relying on better hybrids where my area is rural and having less rare spawn except midnight, also the missing special event supply drop after 1.3 map update.


I was stuck there for a loooooong time. Now I’m stuck in Lockdown. It doesn’t help that the dinos I need spawn very rarely since the last update, including the commons that used to litter my paths wherever I went.

Pretty sure I’d be able to get further if I could get a Stegoceratops, but Triceratops rarely spawn near me and incubators hate me, haha :sweat_smile:

Best advice would be to change things up a little. Try new tactics. There’s one I use which frequently catches my opponents off guard, but I only recently worked out the best way to use it. Of course it still depends on whether or not I get the right dinos to use it, but it still pushes me closer to the next arena more often than not.

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Why don’t you post a screenshot of your team. The arena doesn’t really have the issues that everyone is pretending they have… and if they did then your ‘opponent’ would also have them. Post your team and top dinos and maybe I can help you out.

I’m inclined to agree with you. It might just be best and more fun if I go out and collect dinosaurs rather than trying to battle at all. Incubators can be great for getting epic DNA when it’s pretty scarce out in the wild but the frustration of the PVP system is enough to turn me off of it for now.

I’d be interested to see other ways of advancing other than PVP like more strike zones. Or maybe even introducing a way to train your dinosaurs individually to learn different tactics and moves and create another dynamic to the PVP gameplay.

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i mean, we can’t all win. someone has to lose. and for people in the same place for a month straight, it’s probably something wrong with your team or strategy, not the game itself. if you post your team and dino collection maybe we can help correct your team so you start winning.


I’ve been stuck between 3400-3600. But that’s because I’m keeping my team in the 14-18 range. I’ll have chain losses and then chain gains. Sometimes its win, loose, win, loose. The treasure event now has me enough coins to level my 2 18’s up one but I’m also wanting to spend to work on a couple of legendary dino’s.

Just a thought, If your just not winning at all, play lower ones till you go down an arena. Then you put your good team back and chain win back up for a day or so. After chain losses, I get a day of chain gains. A lot of times I have a lot of losses from a bad roll of 4 dino’s.

I think the fun in this game is the journey. I don’t see a big mob boss to take out in the end unless you have your sites to taking out the #1 guy at the top.


You are actually improving but so is everyone else. Just a month ago if you were at 3,300 you would be in the Top 500. A week ago it was 4,100 now 4,300.

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I generally have the same experience at 3500 - 3800 range.
It’s tough when i see full legendary teams and I only have a Stegodues. Epic DNA is hard to come by so I just try to focus on improving my hybrids which use common or rare DNA. It can be frustrating when you go up against the same team you have but they have 2-4 higher levels :frowning:

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There used to be bots who controlled people’s trophy amounts by giving out trophies to those who have fallen too low and taking from those who climbed too high for their team and skill level. If you advanced your team or skill, you would be able to beat bots at your level somewhat more often and climb a bit higher where you’re 50/50 with them again.

People complained about bots, so now nothing is controlling the dependance of trophy amount on battle capabilities. In order to be able to increase your average trophy amount, you don’t just have to advance, you have to advance faster than those around you.

Oh my days , I just lost eleven games in a row , moving down from 3689 to 3224 ! That’s with the same team that took me up from 3300 to 3689 yesterday .
So either the players are getting dramatically better by the day , or I’m just really unlucky today .
I’ve won a few since so I’m back at 3400 but it’s so frustrating .

Lol I’ve been stuck in badlands for ages I go up then plummet right back down to 2300, I’ll get there though…I will😂

Okay so now that I’ve had some time to be less salty and think about things logically (and read everyone’s advice) I think I’ve come up with a decent hypothesis for advancing when you are pinned in an arena (aka how to have fun playing once again!):

The Good: Strike Zones and a change in the spawn rate and distribution of dinosaurs is a blessing. Excellent revision! When you win strike battles it’s a huge boost to your resources and is not dependant on luck because you can hand pick your team and use your own strategy. I’ve also noticed a definite increase in common tier/rare dinosaurs that can be ground up and burned as fuel (jk jk) for hybrids. Or you can choose to level up commons/rares on their own and not grind them up as fodder. :heart:

The Bad: (that I really ought to have touched on originally). Randomized teams is not balancing: it’s unpredictable. You can’t make a solid strategy if you have absolutely no clue what you are going to work with. More often than not players are going to find themselves bringing a knife to a gunfight (or four raptors to a Erlikosaurus Gen 2 fight as it were). I’m inclined to value skill over luck in any PVP interaction, and I’m sure most of us would agree.

There are also small inconsistencies that could stand to be addressed here and there (stuff that I suspect just probably isn’t working as intended) aka stun percentages and speed changes. A higher level Proceratosaurus should not be out-sped by a lower level T-Rex after the T-Rex had a speed reduction for example. When there is an indication on the roster that a dinosaur is going to be faster when it’s put into play… that should be accurate instead of misleading the player.

And honestly I just feel terrible about using a Stygimoloch because it’s gotdang Stun abilities are so overwhelming. The other day I took out 3/4 of the opponent’s team with it and they didn’t even have a chance to land a single blow. (I AM SO SORRY WHOEVER THAT WAS I DON’T KNOW HOW I DID THAT).

Conclusion: I’m not going to post my team because I don’t think it’s relevant to the aforementioned problems but I appreciate the sentiment. The best advice I can give is not to be discouraged (because discouraged players buy Incubators and that’s just what they want). Level up your team to be about five levels higher than the average players in your Arena and there is a decent chance that having higher HP and attacks will get you into the next arena. It’s going to take patience for sure, but it’s probably the best way to mitigate trophy loss.

Maybe someday we’ll get cool features like Raids where players can work together to take down a boss. Or some system to individually train and improve your dinosaurs in a more customized way. Maybe we will even be able to pick the team we want to use sometime (whoa what a concept!).

I was frustrated before but I’m not ready to say that there is no merit. Players just kind of have to adapt to the shortcomings of the game for now.

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Lawd I’m so sorry that’s awful!! :cry:

Co-op raids would be awesome!! I love that idea. Even if they were just random people all getting some kind of participation reward based on the amount of damage dealt. I’m sure ludia could come up with some crazy op dino bosses we could enjoy. +1 from me.

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All this talk about “get more dna” and “ be patient” is lame. there is hard caps in the game that you can’t get past without buying items. I’m also stuck between 2100 and 2248. I lose three win 1 consistently. The bot always beats me pulling out crazy good Dino’s or slapping me around with Dino’s that I’m stronger than. The same Dino for the bot go’s first and if I have that same Dino with higher speed the bot still goes first. Bot is always at advantage in order frustrate you into buying with real money so you can advance. Some buy and advance, live in an area where getting dna is easy or just stop playing. It’s completely and totally rigged