Unable to Advance

Has nothing to do with skill. The bot always has something to counteract whatever you do. It’s a PAY wall. If I buy the dna packs I’ll improve if I keep losing three out of 4 I’ll get enough dna to advance sometime around 2036. 5% chit yet cries me every time, minimum stun? Stuns every time. My 75%stun move ? Stuns about 1 in 20. It’s rigged

I am starting to feel that too, I notice opponent going first when definitely shouldn’t have, although I have brought incubated few times since being stuck here and they’ve given me nothing to help. I’m resigned to waiting till I dart something special to make the difference


It’s a good game. Not 10$ a month good but the occasional 5$ coin chest good. It is entertainment and I don’t mind to pay a little to enjoy myself.


I do not mind not advancing if I am not ready for the next area. It is the 4 fights in a row to win an incubator and watching all of my stuns, crits, cloaks repeatedly fail to work and my opponent to not fail.

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I agree. I think the battles just need to be working properly. It’s fine not to advance if it’s just too high level but if the percentages are off for Stuns and Speed reductions, it’s a functionality problem.

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I’ve been playing this game since it first launched, and i’m currently in Sorna Marshes with 3.2k medals without paying anything.
Things I observed thus far, both from experience and from forum posts:

  1. if its two of the same dino (i.e. stegocera v stegocera), the higher level has a lower chance of getting stunned(even if 75% stun). at least thats what i observed.

  2. if its two dinos have the same speed and rarity (i.e. v-raptor v v-raptor, the person who clicks first gets to go first

  3. crit is pure rng. sometimes its for you, sometimes its against you.

  4. Go for hybrids whenever the opportunity arises. over-levelling the common dinos may win you a few battles, but do not get you very far.

  5. if you battle while your incubator slots are FULL, you have a higher chance of running into players with trophy counts higher than you (i.e. looser matchmaking restrictions). I think its deliberate. To get a fairer matchup, you should only battle with at least 1 empty incubator slot. You can still get an unfair matchup, but the chances are way lower.

I dont know how true these may be for you, but these are what I feel to be true for me at least. All the best in getting out of badlands :slight_smile:

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1 and 5 have no evidence to support them. ! may seem that way because they go first and are able to enter the stun chain… so you prolly encounter stuns more often since the opponent going first makes it more frequent.

  1. It is all RNG.
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yea my points 1 and 5 are a little weak and could be confirmation bias on my part. Nonetheless, it doesnt hurt to keep in consideration the points when battling.

I did found a way to never lose a battle. Fool proof. Uninstalled!

all NFL teams should go 16-0 every year too i guess? 32 team super bowl that they all win?

Im sure the card cap where you must buy to advance is not 2200 elo lol

im in badlands too. it seems this arena is full of unfair battles im a LVL 7 going against LVL 12s every single battle. they have legendary hybrids and LVL 17 epics. it doesn’t help that I hit a 75% stun almost never and I get my 30% Crit 1 out of 13 attacks. the enemy hits evey stun gets every Crit including a 5%.

these are my recent enemies