Unable to claim the trust points

.@ned,@marcus,I got a message telling me that I have to check my terror mail so I can claim the 50 trust points of VLF, but when I click on “claim”, nothing happens and I don’t receive the trust points.

Hey itami, could you try restarting your game and see if the Trust Points are added to your total?

@ned,I tried that several times, it didn’t work.

Could you send an email to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so they can take a look at your account?

Thanks, itami!

I will, thanks for trying to help.

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Same for me and at least one member of my clan.
Unfortunately I didn’t know how many trust points I had before trying to claim the gift :expressionless:

Edit: we are 5 now in my clan concerned by this problem, and it has been confirmed to me that the amount was not credited, even after restarting the game

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Hey there, wondering if the animation showed up of the Valentine Light Fury and the trust points increasing? Also, what device are you and your clan members playing on. Sorry about this inconvenience, our team will be looking into it!

No animation at all, no increasing of the trust points ( otherwise we’ll not care if it was just the animation missing), we’re playing on tablets and phone, android and iOS

( One member of my clan thinks it’s a conspiracy against the single ones :rofl: )

Hey there Trollita, if you’re still unable to claim the reward please contact support directly at support+forums@ludia.com and they will assist you accordingly. Thanks for reaching out to us!

It doesn’t work for me either.