Unable to collect rewards after 1:30 hours

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Bug Description:
I have not the option to collect my weekly rewards
1 hour and 30 min after the reset i still have the BATTLE/COMBAT button instead of the collect one
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Hey Cronista, could you please try force closing and relaunching your game and see if you’re able to collect your rewards now?

Thank you!

I already did several times but it’s still the same Ned,
It’s 9:53 central USA time in here, I realized it’s been almost 2 hours now since I supposed to get the rewards
A fresh image from right now

Now I did ! Finally

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What worker? I seem to have the same issue

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Iv also not been able to collect my rewards, I’m in the UK we were not high up the ladder i think rank 5 and 4 but nothing, just gone straight to this weeks tasks for me

Same thing happened to me and many other alliance members. Will this be rectified?

The same thing happened to my alliance as well. It’s 7:50 pm pacific time and still have not been able to collect rewards! It seems multiple team members are having the same issue.

Non of the members in my alliance have received the weekly alliance missions incubators this week, why and how can we get it. ?

Same here. 8:30 pm Pacific and my team is already on to Rank 1. I wasn’t able to collect the weekly rewards or the individual category credits prior to rising to Rank 1 today.

Same problem here too. A few members of our alliance were able to collect, but a lot of us did not get the rewards.

Same problem here. Some alliance members have gotten theirs, but most of us haven’t.

It’s been over a day and I still haven’t received the incubator rewards for last weeks alliance missions… It automatically generated to lvl 2 for both when the timer ran out…

Hey DPG members, regarding this week’s alliance mission rewards, Eugene had made an announcement here: