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Unable to continue

I am so in love with this game and love every second of it, but for one of my profiles its stuck and keeps stating I have no network connection. I sent an email to support and also went thru the help section in app but no answer can someone help me

Hey Kamethyst, if you’re on a WiFi network, could you try forgetting the network and then re-adding it on your device?

Hi Ned, i did that as well and tried it on my mobile data no change. I rebooted my phone and factory reset router in my home. No change. :frowning:

I’m sorry that didn’t work :frowning: Hopefully, our support team will be able to sort this out for you once they get a chance to review your message.

Okay thank you

How long does it take for support to reply?

I’ve seen some people say they’ve had to wait a while. The support team for Lovelink seems to be small and Ludia has other games as well they manage. You can try @'ing a support admin in the forum if it’s been several days and see what’s up, but I’d give them a few days first to get back to an email.

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I’m having the same problem :disappointed_relieved:

Having the same issue except I can’t even get into the game bc of this error…

I would try to contact support at though it may take a few days for a reply. I hope your issue is resolved soon since I see people come into the forum with that issue fairly frequently.

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Thanks for the tip! Just sent them an e-mail :crossed_fingers:t2:

I sent an email havent gotten a reply yet…its been a day but I will continue to wait

I’ve seen some people have to wait a few days or so then may have needed to nudge support on here via an @ or PM. I’d give it another day or two before trying to @ or send a PM to a support mod on here though.

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Glad to hear they’re working on it, and I hope they can reach a solution soon!