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Unable to do Exploration Event for Necronomodon

The event for Necronomodon is listed to start today and my son is unable to do the Exploration.

I had a similiar issue with Bonecrushers Conquest that became available 2 days late and raised my concerns with a reply to

Support has not responded why my account is not working as expected. As a Dragan Rider, should my son also not be given early access to all events? Should I raise another ticket for not being able to do this Exploration? I also have other issues outstanding that have not been addressed in other tickets.

The Exploration is now available. Is there still an issue with early access? Thanks.

Update, early access appears to be working again for my account

I was able to search for it exactly once. After that, the search option disappeared. If that is intentional, it stinks. If that is a bug, then I hope they fix it quickly enough that I can still find one.

Same with me, I have the tab @TySmith, but the ability to actually do the search is no longer listed after hitting the search button. Please investigate @Ronald.

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I have the same issue @Evanejo. After searching for three bags just once, the search option is nowhere to be found. Can’t search Necronomodon nor Slithersong anymore. I’ve wasted my runes for it. Please help us @Ronald. Time is wasted the longer we can’t search for this dragon. Is there any compensation from issues like this?

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I’m having the same issue. Just sent a msg using Support. I was able to send Toothless to search last night, but when I was going to send him again this evening, Necronomodon isn’t showing up again. And the event ends on the 23rd and I haven’t gotten an egg yet…

I found a work around, search for the slithersong. When you do that, you have a chance to find a slithersong and a Necronomodon egg just like when you search for the Necronomodon. Happy hunting.

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Welcome to the forums, @ChatterboxChik. Once the support team gets the chance to read your message, they will get back to you as soon as possible so keep an eye out. Your patience is appreciated!

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Last night (Eastern time), the team fixed the issue regarding the search option. @Evanejo, @NogitsunE, if the search option is still unavailable to you, kindly restart the game/your device. Thank you for your patience!


That fix worked for me! Please offer my thanks to the team for such a speedy resolution.


Hi Ronald!

I try to open my RoB game just now but it keeps on crashing. What am I gonna do? I have played this morning but when I try to log in a few hours later, I can’t open my game anymore. :cold_sweat:

Please have an immediate resolution to this. I can’t afford to lose my game. :cry:

There is a new discussion thread about the app crashing tonight. They have a team working on it now. Fingers crossed.