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Unable to donate or read chat


Guild chat/donation panel is screwed. Cant scroll up to see anything, just keeps rubberbanding.

Also when i click on a donation it jumps around and changes and I end up clicking on something that I dont want to donate because it switches to another donation.

Cant you devs do anything right? Jeesh.

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Unable to donate

Hey there, @GorillaGlue, I’m sorry to hear that this is happening in your game but our team would be glad to investigate this further in order to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. Reach out to them at, including your support key and any relevant screenshots that you might have. Thanks!


Its not a problem that is exclusive to me, this is affecting everyone that I have talked to in game.


Yup, me too. Couldn’t donate to anyone since I can’t scroll up.


Yep, me/my alliance too.


Same here…