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Unable to even get into my Game (Support)

I’ve been unable to get into the game. It’s been stuck in my loading screen. It’s not because of internet problems or anything like that. This seems to be a bug in raids. Anytime I do more than one raid, the second inch glitches out and my game crashes. I load back in, but I can’t get past the news screens that show things like upcoming tournaments and scents. Then I delete the game, retry internet 4 times, delete all background apps, but it just gets stuck on the loading screen. Ludia, please read this. I’ve already sent a message or two and got the same automated reply. Just would be great for a fix.


When mine gets stuck on those screens I just hit the back button, it then lets me close them

Interesting. I didn’t manage to do that an now I can’t even get into the game from the loading screen.

Welcome to the forums, @SimpSimp312! I’m sorry to hear about this. If you haven’t yet, please contact our support team at so they can provide additional troubleshooting. Don’t forget to include your support key and device information as these help with the investigation. Thank you.

Yea, I already have. The message was sent to Carl, Who I think might be another member of the team. The problem is that I did all the things he recommended me to do, yet none of them worked