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Unable to Heal with Calliope in Lightfinger Estate

This is the fourth time I’ve had this issue crop up and it’s so incredibly frustrating since it effectively kills my characters and therefore the attempt through this section.

Doesn’t matter where I click, the ability won’t execute. I can get ‘Invalid Target’ returns if I click on a character or enemy, but otherwise nothing. I can use her other abilities, like using her basic attack, but the mass heal simply will not work.

This is also really just another example of targeting issues which have plagued the game since onset. One particular ability will suddenly become unusable for no in-game reason. It’s incredibly annoying.

Target the ground, not a character.

I flagged that issue in the bugs section

The devs have taken it on board already

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So, your takeaway from this is that after playing this character for 14 levels, that I don’t know about targeting the ground? Seriously?

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Classic DK

Just to be clear I flagged the issue that she legit can’t heal in some rooms in lightfinger not the rookie mistake of she can’t heal because she’s a bit different from the cleric

Classic? I know you?

Lol I didn’t mean classic you

I meant classic comment DK (your comment to rets)

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Oh, ok, groovy.

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Strangely enough of you’re down to three Heroes calliope can target the ground where the fourth should be and it works.

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