Unable to load game after new zone update

Download new version for the silver sky zone now game won’t load

Deleting and reinstalling fixed the issue for me.

That works thank you

And back to not being able to launch ap

Hello Myrick2248! If restarting your device doesn’t make a difference, would you mind reaching out to our team by emailing them at support+forums@ludia.com? They’ll make sure to look into it.

Hi there, I’m facing the same problem after updating the app on my iPhone. I can’t open the game — all I get is a black screen.

Deleting and reinstalling is only a temporary fix as I can’t close the game or else it faces the same problem.

Can Ludia please help to fix this bug?

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Hello Musicwhiz. If you haven’t already, could you please email our team at support+forums@ludia.com with your device info included so they can investigate? Thank you!

Downloaded game app update for iOS (iPhone and iPad)…got a black screen.

Deleted app and reinstalled (app seemed to download new content) but game app crashed while submitting a ticket. Had to delete and reinstall again.

And again. Update not working properly for me.

Hi all, For those having issues, can you tell us your player level and where on the exploration you are, please.

It’s either a very dark zone or something is not working…


Ok so the temp fox is to uninstall the game I can do that when you fix it I’ll think about reinstalling

I have 30 renown and have finished Forestfall Fen in exploration.

Hi Ned
My game tried to load the update and did not successfully do it. I can play the game unlike the guys above but no update available at all. I uninstalled and reloaded and no option to update at all anywhere. I have raised a ticket but mine seems a different issue to the above.

Yea this issue is affecting me and also same experience that it worked after I deleted and reinstalled it but now the issue is happening again.

Cmon guys… you don’t expect Ludia to actually care, right?

I am renown 29, with 33000 gems, they surely don’t care about me.

I did everything they told me to do still only runs when u delete and reinstall

The boilerplate advice has never worked.

Just another reason for more dedicated players to leave the game forever out of frustration. The app on my iPhone auto updated yesterday morning and I too get to see a black screen when I try and play. I turned off auto updates on my iPad so that I have one device where the app continues to work. So now my opportunity for play time is dramatically reduced. And I need to manually update apps on my iPad until this gets sorted out. If it gets sorted out.

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Bugged code, fix your update it’s affecting everyone! Deleting and reinstalling only works until a time-out.


Anytime there is an update I just expect the game to be broken for 2 weeks