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Unable to load game on mobile data, but fine with WiFi

Hi there,
Recently updated my phone to iOS 13.1 (and 13.1.1 just today) and now the game refused to load (stuck at 1/25) while I’m on mobile data. The game works perfectly fine on WiFi mode though… Do note that on mobile data, I can see game center loading, so internet seems fine (other games like PoGo works too as well as webpages and other apps).

Sent a support ticket already but have yet to receive an update so far. How am I going to catch my indoraptor without mobile data??!!

Help please!

Hey rions3, once our team gets a chance to see your ticket, they’ll be sure to try and assist you the best they can.

Well, the suggestions didn’t work so far, and I lost out in doing my daily tasks cos I can only play the game in WiFi mode. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share please!

it happened to me as well. Basically, I went to the extent of resetting my network settings and deleting and reinstalling the game but it didnt work. I managed to resolve the issue through a guid member’s advice which was to turn off your wifi and load the game via 4G. From there you should be able to load it and then you can turn your wifi back on again after that :smile:

Hi @JonahQm, thanks for your reply. But I think my issue is the opposite of yours, as I can’t connect via mobile data at all. If anyone can give me advise on doing so, it would be awesome!

you mean you cant connect to the game via 3G network as well?

This happens to me all the time. Unfortunately there isnt much you can do. Its either one of 2 things, your cell network having issues down the line or their servers acting up. Usually for me it’s the latter because I can still access their forums, other sites, and I can do speed tests to multiple locations just fine. I personally feel they should shut the game down every monday @0930 EST and restart them and ensure everything is good before a 10 am launch. Could cause a few issues but could probably fix more. Again nothing you can do, and nothing they will do. Oh the things I’ve missed because of it…