Unable to log in 15/03/2022

anyone else having trouble ?


Yes. All my devises and all 4 accounts. It gets to 9 of 30 and then say having trouble connecting to the server.


Same problem in Charlotte NC

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Yes, all the sudden. Came here looking for answers.

Dived in to do a tower 25mins ago, all fine. Now it gets to 8/30 then gives me the ‘cant connect to servers’ message. (Uk).

Same here gets to 9 then says to check my internet
UK here

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Same here, hope it gets fixed asap

Same here, gets to 9 then nothing. Louisiana. USA

On both accounts (one iOS one android)


Joining in to say I have this exact same thing happening too (iOS)

You should crop your photo to hide your support key.

I am also having this same issue.

  • tried on WiFi
  • tried off WiFi



Ok so I’m not the only one. Same I still get notifications from raids but can’t log in

Yup, I’m having same issue. Cannot login at step 9/30.
In Game ID OldTin, I’m using iPhone.

I can’t log in either.

It appears that the entire ludia system is down, hope that they can fix it soon, all games appear to be down

Just chiming in that I am still in the game darting so… it isn’t totally down

What annoys me is that, according to Ludia, the entire world is having internet connection issues…. :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

Yeah but ingame stuff is glitching, like strike towers not showing proper reward icons and such. I restarted because of that only to find the login servers are down.

Cell wifi on and off can’t get in
Tablet wifi on cant get in

Wife can’t get in


oh. I see no strike towers from where I am and am just running scents and darting. No issues.