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Unable to log in

Has anyone else had issues logging in?
I keep getting
“Failed to log into server”
Had this for 4 days now.
I have restarted my device, uninstalled and reinstalled. Tried forgetting apple log in and trying again, nothing works.

ill assume you have FB login? maybe you can try clear cache/data on your device.

@trumzPH Can you elaborate on this? How / where?

Can’t get to even the page to use log in details for Apple ID or Facebook

You’re getting this screen right?

do you guys get DC in PVP or events?

its frustrating TBH, especially with the cooldown of your best dinos T_T

Yes Trexi that’s the one

Hello Crowmans, that does sound frustrating! I’m sorry to hear about that. If you’re connected to a WiFi connection, could you try forgetting the network on your device then re-adding it and see if that helps?

If you’re still unable to log in after doing that, our support team would be glad to provide additional troubleshooting steps. Please reach out to them at Don’t forget to include your support key as it can help them locate your account faster. Thank you!

@Ronald I have tried on WiFi and on cellular as I use the game on my phone, doesn’t work on either