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Unable to Login (Android)

As of this morning (after app/server maintenance) I am unable to login to the Warriors of Waterdeep app on my Android device.

I get a “Login Failed. Please Try Again” message, and then it redirects me to the App Store Warriors of Waterdeep page with options to “Uninstall” and “Play” – clicking “Play” re-opens the app and I get the “Login Failed” message again.

I’ve tried rebooting my phone, which did not fix the problem. I also tried opening the Google Play Games app to see if it would then authenticate my Google Play account when re-opening Warriors, but it still didn’t work.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10 and it’s running Android 11. The Google Play system update date is June 1, 2021. There was a software update for my phone that I installed this morning.

Regardless, I’m unable to open/play the game at all. Please help!!


I’m sorry you are having trouble getting into the game, Heartsbane. From your screenshot, it looks like your game is on version 2.13.10. Could you please check your app store again and see if there is a new update? It should be for version 2.14.4.

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Thank you, you are right at first it wasn’t showing a new update, but after I clicked on “What’s New” the “Play” button changed to “Update” and I was able to update the game and I’m now able to login successfully.


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