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Unable to login to Game Center account

Almost a week ago I went to start my game and my Game Center account was gone. It will only allow me to sign in through Facebook or as Guest, both of which are beginner accounts. I was at lvl 50 with a really good roster, and I would like to be able to play again. I contacted the in game support chat last week and have not received a reply. Please let me know if there’s some way of getting my account back. Thank you!

You do play on iOS?

If so, you checked the settings if iCloud sync for Game Center was/is not deactivated? In case you use a different device now than before.

I assume you use the same Apple ID now as you used before.

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This is the same device, and I haven’t had any trouble with any other Game Center games. I can’t even see an option to sign in with Game Center at all.

Looks like you should wait for Ludias support to answer.

There is no sign in option really, when I open the app it states “welcome back, xyzzy”

I guess I only have this app left as working with Game Center so I have no option to check how other apps connect. This does for me with the settings named above. No matter which device, when opening the app I get the current game progress.

All games not working with Game Center are backed up in my device backups, so restoring is no issue at all though none of those are connected to Facebook. Might be an option? No idea if Game Center Apps are also included in either backup.

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Welcome to the forums, Eva_Beldorn! I’m sorry to hear about that. Could you send me a private message and include your support key so I can have a look? Thank you.

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