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Unable to login to game for hours

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Meet the same issue (Android)

Same here in Taiwan

Is it me or there’s something wrong with the connection?? My internet speed is nearing 80mb but cannot connect??

Ludia, I am having the same issues I can’t log in using wifi and it takes forever to get in when I’m using LTE. It is so frustrating after losing so much in PvP battles from a very unbalanced match making to now not being able to connect to the game. What’s wrong with you Ludia?!

Hey DPG members, may I ask if you’re still having connection issues launching the game?

I am, i tried the steps offered in the email response i got, but it didn’t work. I was going to try it again on the weekend. Currently, i can only play the game on my home wifi. (Android)

Hey Toad_Kline, if you’re trying to load the game on your device’s data network, could you try toggling off the WiFi setting on your device and see if that helps?

Will try that after I get home.

It’s fixed now for me - but doesn’t help the 9-10 nasuto I missed out on

It didn’t work, but I am continuing to try/retry thing from the email thread with support.

Spoke too soon, it stopped working on mobile data again.