Unable to make purchases in store-support team refuses to help

Hey everyone I am looking to see if others have experienced what I have with the ingame store. For months now anytime I try to make purchases (I need coins) it sends me to a blue screen with the buffering circle and never proceeds. I have gone back and forth with support about this for months and they refuse to try and fix my game nor give me compensation for the missed coin/cash deals. All I get from them is “it’s being looked into” or “wait until the next update.” As of now I’ve waited two updates and the issue is still happening. The support team is very very disappointing.

I have the exact same problem as you,i Saw 2 others people in the same problem as youScreenshot_2020-10-20-20-44-38-372_com.ludia.jw2

I have send a mail Yesterday to support ,i wait for their answer
But i got the problem in 2.1 and it remain in 2.2

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It have started 7 days ago

Omg I’m so glad I’m not alone! I’m sorry it’s happening to you but it does make me feel better that it’s not just my game. It’s absurd how little help the support team has been…

Mine has been like this for two updates now. At least 2 months.

Woah !!
I Hope they will fix it before…
My VIP last 3 more days

I cancelled my vip. I figure if they don’t want my money from in game purchases they shouldn’t get my money from VIP.

This IS the topic i did,i Saw few people with the same problem.
I have a xiamo under android

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I left a comment on that thread also! Thankyou!

No problem !
It seem more and more people are getting this problem

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@Ludia_Developers please review this thread. It’s a common issue for players and the support team is not equipped to handle it.

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Are there any others having this same issue? Speak up if so!