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Unable to make purchases

This issue has been going on with me for a while. If I’d like to buy anything with real money, it doesn’t go through. It just shows me a carousel or something and nothing is happening. This is very frustrating, because I need the hard cash to buy coins if I want to level up dinos more quickly. Ludia is also losing some income on this, because hard cash costs real money…

I read that, it might be fixed with deleting and reinstalling the game. But I am not using Facebook or AppleID to log in, I am just a “guest” user. Will I lose my progress if I delete the application? (I am not sure that the Game Center will properly handle my saves…)

I’m quite sorry for the trouble, bkk.

If restarting your device doesn’t help, you can email our team at and they will do their very best to resolve this. We only recommend reinstalling the game if your game is linked in your in-game settings (not a guest account).

This was happening for me the last week and fixed when I uninstalled the game, just make sure to be connected to Facebook before you do it.

Hi @Cronista !

Thanks for confirming there is a solution if I use Facebook. But I am one of those guys, who doesn’t use any social media products like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… I worked in that industry, that’s enough for me to avoid their products… :slight_smile: But because of that, I may lose my progress now… or I will never ever buy anything and my progress will be much slower then it could be… That’s the choice what I need to make.

Hi @Davy !

Thanks for the advice, I’m going to write to that email today.

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