Unable to play for nearly a month, still waiting on support

In 6 days it will be one month since I’ve been able to play a game I’ve dumped over $400 into. I contacted support right away when my account appeared to be reset to level 1, and I’ve jumped through the hoops they’ve required to get my account restored, but here I sit almost a month later still in the queue of accounts to be restored.

At no point has there been any communication as to why or how this happened - given that there appear to be so many other people that are in a similar situation that it has completely overwhelmed your support teams capacity, it seems likely that there was something specific around the time of the flying dino update that caused this to happen. Maybe someone can shed some light on that?

In the meantime, again, after dumping over $400 into the game, I’m missing countless events and specials in addition to not being able to make any progress. Nobody has mentioned any type of compensation, and I’m growing increasingly upset and frustrated at the situation each day. I’m to the point that I have no confidence in Ludia’s support, and I fear putting more money into the game once my account is restored may just resort in more frustration down the road when something else goes wrong. You’re in the process of losing a customer, and I’m sure anyone else in a similar situation would be questioning their continued patronage.

$400+ dollars given to you, nothing to show for it because I can’t access my account,. support overwhelmed by the volume of support tickets… and here I wait on Ludia to follow through. Maybe it’s getting time to demand a full refund and explore any legal or financial recompense option that may be available.

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Yikes!! I would definitely be fuming if I were you, and if/when they get your account back I would DEMAND compensation for the month you’ve lost. Maybe try tagging some of the mods who may be able to get in Ludias ear for you!

I don’t know any of the mods to do that, unfortunately. At this point my anger has likely turned me away from the game. I dunno if I can just call my credit card and dispute the payments, since I don’t have any of the stuff I payed for. Though, there’s probably something in the terms of service that tries to protect them from that.

Have you tried contacting , Google play or iTunes directly, At least try and get your money back.
They was a thread about it on here somewhere and they did get all there money back.

Carl, I appreciate the suggestion. I did just now contact Google Play, however they aren’t able to process a refund because the transactions were in-app. Ludia is responsible for issuing refunds.

Have you found the post about it on here?

I searched around, but I don’t think I found the post you are referring to. I did find a few different refund related threads, but they didn’t appear to have much information useful to me in this situation. I have now submitted a formal demand for a refund with Ludia, as well as a game review on Google Play sharing my experience.

Ludia did refund my VIP access that rebilled a couple weeks into this mess. We’ll see what happens, it’s a weekend so I don’t expect I’d hear back until Monday or later.

The root cause of all the issues posted on this board from yours to not getting in game purchases because something glitched out at that very moment to battling bugs to disconnects, etc. is and has been poor programming. Some things have to do with occasional signal loss, but in signal or data loss, the game just immediately stops.

I swear Ludia has gone out and gotten those dime a dozen programmers that don’t know what the :boom: they are doing, let alone have any experience in troubleshooting and fixing bugs.

I dropped the VIP a month early because I just grew increasingly infuriated by the poor programming glitches I was having. My wife is going to now after not receiving an in game level-up one time offer.

You know, great game if all worked well. Maybe they can get help from a Pokemon programmer. I’ll never purchase anything though. I don’t trust this app. Now when I get those infuriating glitches in play, I say to myself, “At least I’m not paying for this :cow2: :poop: now.”

I’m really sorry to hear about the delay from our support team @BachN4th, and I understand that waiting this long without notice is definitely frustrating. Our support team has a process for their investigation and sadly I don’t have access to that, but I have forwarded your message for you to our team member, and they should get back to you as soon as they can. I will try my best to correct this for you, so please let me know if you receive their message in the upcoming day.

@Ned I appreciate your help. I have not heard anything from support since your post, but 4 days ago after originally posting here I did reply to my original support ticket explaining my frustration and lack of confidence in Ludia support to resolve this matter and demanded a full refund of purchased DNA and purchased in game cash. I itemized the full list of transactions to be refunded. My patience has, well, gone extinct. I didn’t ask for a refund for my VIP game time, as I was able to fully enjoy and benefit from that during the months I paid. But, effectively, the DNA and game Cash I purchased have been taken away from me for nearly a month so that ~$390 must be refunded. I am done. Ludia support has failed to resolve the matter in an ample and generous amount of time. The only acceptable resolution at this point is a full and complete refund.

Edit Just to followup, in case anyone is following my progress, and so that Ned is aware… I have filed a credit card dispute for every transaction I have made except for those related to VIP access while I was able to access my account. I cannot in good faith expect a refund for VIP access that I was successful able to benefit from through the period of the subscription. Everything else, DNA Packs, Vaults of Cash, are permanent bonuses applied to my account which I have lost access to, therefor the items have been taken from me.

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