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Unable to Post Pictures

About 4-5 weeks ago the little icons disappeared, one of which was used tp load pictures. I see in another post that MementoMori is now having the same problem. Is there a fix?

They’re still there, just hover over the area and it should say what icon you are on. Photos is the far right of the middle area I believe

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Drag and drop or copy paste into the text box when making a reply.

Thanks for letting us know, @Kwaack. This seems to be a visual bug, and our team is aware of the issue. As @Rantz had suggested, the icons are still there, but you’ll need to hover over the area to see the different options for now.

Glad to hear that this is being worked on. Just want to add that the hovering workaround doesn’t work on mobile.

Do you think it will make you quit the game? If not, please consider. I’ve faced you about 10 times in Battle and have lost every single one of them.

Consider me honored that you took note.