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Unable to progress in the arena

I started playing this game on day 1 (global release), and although PVP is one of my favorite activities it’s so discouraging to be stuck in a narrow trophy range.

For several months now, although my team has improved, I’ve been stuck between 5,300 and 5,700 trophies. By the time I seem to finally make some progress in the Gyrosphere Depot - guess what - seasonal trophy reset takes hundreds of trophies and drops me into that dusty, dreary Library (that’s so dark you can barely see your dinos) again.

I’m so tired of it. We have this beautiful arena called the Beach that might as well be on the moon. Why is it out of reach for so many of us who refuse to spend a fortune on boosts?

I still love this game and yes, even PVP, but can’t you make it easier for some of us to make real progress? To actually have hope of reaching a new arena after many months of continuous game play?

One suggestion that would really help: Don’t reset trophies for players below 5,750 or even 6,000 trophies. There is really no need for it and it would also prevent many players currently in the Library from sitting out the first week or two after seasonal reset.

Thanks for reading!


Boosts are not a fortune if you’re in a decent alliance with tier 9 or 10 rewards (plenty of cash every week), and if you open all the free incubators (arena/daily). There’s also some decent offers in the store about once a week (if you pay for vip). Spending money is always necessary to make progress. You don’t have to spend a whole lot on boosts, just a bit here and there (it takes time to get enough). Also, don’t forget, there’s always a stratified 1% category in every social structure/setting. That’s just human nature.

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Hopefully that makes sense.

P.S. I didn’t get to nublar shores until the second half of this season and I’ve been playing since late summer of 2018. I still can’t consistently stay in that arena.

I play the game since the first day, and man… I remember when there were no boosts and I unlocked my very first Legendary: Stegodeus. After Stegod, I unlocked Indomimus and those two legendaries gave me about 500 trophies. After a while, I unlocked my very first unique: Indoraptor and i earned about 250 trophies thanks to her. And then i got Thor. Man, those were very good times when you were able to climb the arenas by unlocking dinosaurs and creatures. Today, fusing and creating a new dinosaur is useless unless you are able to boost them to oblivion. I miss the times when there were no boosts. For you to climb in the arena it seems like the only way is to boost your dinos until they can touch the sky. Let’s just hope that in a near future they give us some non-boosted arenas for us to remember the glory days…


As much as I enjoy boosts, I do agree that they suck the fun out of the game and make things like hunting pretty boring.

With boosts in the game, leveling up your team becomes practically useless. It’s so much easier to stack a couple of boosts on a creature than putting in the time and effort to grind for DNA and level it up. Even then, you still encounter teams 4-5 levels higher than yours or teams boosted far more than yours. It’s incredibly discouraging, in all honesty.


I would say that you can encounter teams that are 4 or 5 levels higher than your dinos AND way too boosted…

I don’t have to be on top of the leaderboard to feel that I have accomplished something, but being able to make some progress - and once again reach a new arena - would really make a difference for many of us.

Progression is steady in the lower arenas, but then you run into a roadblock once you reach the Library (which truly feels like a dungeon). The only way out is more boosts than you can reasonably earn, even if you spend some money on the game (which I do - VIP, some bundles, I like to speed up incubators).

Just let us gain trophies again - reset the top players if you must, but don’t start at 5,000.

And yes, I like the idea of an unboosted arena, where leveling your dinos still makes sense.


Ummmmm, your opponents are improving as well. That’s why you don’t go up levels anymore.

True, and I’m sure they would like to progress as well.

I was in the library for a short while this season and it was a bit frustrating with almost a full team of 30’s. The reset creates chaos and seems redundant for anyone 6k or under. There is an obvious separation point between those that invest in boosts and those that don’t. Everyone should be able to play and/or pay whatever they wish to keep their game fun and rewarding. The first 3 weeks or so after a reset isn’t that fun and causes many to drop down just to get incubators. For awhile it was less common and now it’s more common than it has ever been.

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I think people are staying in Gyro/Library as well to avoid the 120 sec Beach timer. I don’t personally agree with this but it happens. I think a combination of that and the reset really stalls progression for many and I hope they see that and find a way to improve on the player experience in those arenas.


Exactly. You are playing against opponents who want to move up. You win one against them and get 30 trophies. You lost one against them and drop 30 trophies. Win 27, lose 32. Win 32, lose 27.

As you and your opponents improve you stay in the same range as that who you win/lose against. Only those who improve faster than their opponents improve will actually move up.

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