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Unable to purchase level up one time offer


Leveled up, no price shown.
Wouldn’t allow me to make purchase.


Its for the best.


Haha! You’re not wrong.
Haven’t bought any in a long time.
Was actually going to buy this one, not many left.


Dont spend your life savinngs all at one.


You can’t even chirp.
Probably need a program to play for you, too.


Nah i own lands and houses you i guarntee couldnt afford but who r we joking, its on the internet.


I dont understand why your bullying someone online its just horrible


Plenty of people own land and houses.

I do. Doesn’t mean I’m rich.

I know people that live in tar paper shacks with rolls of cash, and those who live in huge houses in debt up to their ears.

What’s your point? Yes, there is no point.

Again, you don’t even know how to chirp someone…


That annoying little bug in your house that drives you nuts making noise.

You can’t even do that right.


Thats because your bad at business i own land and businesses my revenue is better. I just earned 300,000 usd (in one month) just by selling uniqe fishes to china. Its all too easy


FWIW, I have a home and 300 acres of land.


From “inhatitance” so boring and uninspiring. Thats really small LOL only that Much???


Good for you.
I hope you are happy and have a full life.
That’s what’s important.

Me, I have a loving family and am happy.

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Fine im sorry OKAY?


Thats what i love too. Money is just a resource.
I dont how it came to us at each other throat. If i knew your that kind of person i would stop.


Hey Jonny5, I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t able to purchase the one time offer because of this. Do you remember if any error or messages popped up when you tried tapping on the Buy button? If you have any more details, our team would be happy to investigate this further if you emailed them here at


It said my account wasn’t connected to the play store. But try after try, it wouldn’t connect.