Unable to reconnect to rooms after exiting the game

This has happened about 5 times to me as a whole now. I disconnect or exit the game because i have to do something else mid challenge. When i reonnect, i get an infinite loading screen. This both consumes the gold i used for entry and wastes my time because i can’t claim any rewards.

This is just as bad as the loading disconnects in arena because you’re scamming players out of resources and time. I’m expecting to be compensated for the lost time and gold i’ve spent because this is ridiculous.

@Lividfrost. Did you try rebooting the game yourself once or a few times and try turning off WiFi? Both have helped me at times. Every once in awhile I get the continue screen and just have to leave instead of continuing in order to get back in, but only rarely. The first two tend to help me out the most.

I’ve tried both many times. It seems to be a serverside issue on their end.