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Unable to Reread Full Texts

I’m not able to reread the full conversations of my favorite characters while they’re away. The screen won’t scroll past a certain point. I am missing my favorites and wanted to reread from the beginning like I’ve been able to do in the past.


I honestly thought I was the only one that did this and didn’t think it was even worth noting/thought it was just because of how far the chat had gone :sweat_smile:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @Panda83! Our team has been informed and they’re working on a fix. We hope you’ll be able to re-read your stories from the start as soon as possible!


I’ve been hoping to be able to reread stories without losing the premium choices that we’ve paid for along the way :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

Do we have to file a support ticket with you if we’re also having this problem? Or can we get certain matches reset so we can start over?