Unable to select attacks

Screenshot_20200411-014658_JW Alive
It’s beyond a joke at this point. The game has been officially released almost 2 years now and a bug that appeared in the BETA version ( which had already had a vip mode available before release :face_vomiting: !) Still hasn’t been fixed.

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Es Increible ludia, he perdido más de 400 puntos por que no puedo selección ar los ataques, espero sepan recompensar eso, ya que no solo me perjudica en la puntuación a mi, sino a todo mi equipo, arreglen lo rápido por favor

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Translated from Spanish

It is incredible ludia, I have lost more than 400 points because I can not select the attacks, I hope they know how to reward that, since it not only hurts my score, but my entire team, fix it quickly please

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

It’s just that I had to go through all the protocol to be able to put this comment, it always happens to me so imagine the import,

Hey, you’re having my bug!!! have you had a speedtie yet, and won it? that’s how it triggers.
More people that report it, the more popular it is and more ludia should think it’s annoying.
Spam those reports for this bug before it starts to ruin every single skill tourney. I’ve been doing it. Hard for a top rank skill tourney player to have to deal with this bug 10+ times a day in skill tourneys

This is actually the Skill Tourney Bug. Caused by players mashing to win a speed tie and thus losing the match.

It is made worse by having a dodgy connection or being overseas from Continental America

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Yup. never had to deal with a bug this much, until 1.13 came out, no the update did not fix it.

The update added it. This bug is relatively new.

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I experience this bug in the regular arena too, just used a screenshot from a tournament as an example. No speed ties in the arena due to boosts though so it’s not just a tournament issue.

Its not a tournament issue per se but it is caused by trying to outdo your opponent in a speed tie.