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Unable to Swap - Passive Debuff Idea

You know that feeling when you think that you’re finally going to bleed that extremely bulky creature but it just swaps out?
With “Unable to Swap” passive debuff, it won’t happen anymore!

Unable to Swap (passive):
When this creature tries to swap, it swap prevents itself for 1 turn.

As you can see, it’s the first passive that is not benefitable for it’s user. The purpose of it is to not allow some creatures that are destined to be countered by bleeders to just swap out.

Who should get this debuff? At least one creature. I think everyone knows who I’m talking about…
It would be a really nice nerf to Ardmax imo. Not being able to escape would force it’s users to use it at beggining of the match, when opponent’s bleeders are probably still alive. Even if Ardmax killed them, it wouldn’t be able to escape, so the DoT would kick in fully and some other creatures would be able to finish it off.

Let me know if you like this idea! What other creatures should get the Unable to Swap debuff?


Isn’t that like No Escape?

It’s like No Escape but instead of swap preventing opponent when he tries to swap, it swap prevents yourself when you try to.

I think some people don’t like this :joy:

I think it’d probably be a better idea to just remove Maxima’s Immunity to Swap-prevention. Spinotasuchus and Stigydaryx have No Escape now, after all.

But I do like the idea of detrimental debuffs.

That way every bleeder should have No Escape. Unfortunately, I think it would make them too strong. And there’s also a problem of Swooping bleeders, like Daryx or Vexus. Even No Escape wouldn’t stop Maxima from swapping after theg Swoop

I don’t think all of them deserve No Escape. Daryx and Spinotasuchus are fine with it, and with a buff here and there you can get Spinoconstrictor and Pterovexus to be good enough that they don’t necessarily have to trap the opponent.

Did you see my buff suggestions for them involving Vulnerability? Swoop would deal enough damage to make a difference even if the opponent swaps.
Plus, you could always introduce moves like Pinning Swoop or something.

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Seems great

If were talking about self passive debuffs/buffs, I have one when it comes to Speedties.

Regarding the idea tho, meh. Im all for more creative passive debuffs/buffs like in Pokemon, but I kinda don like the idea of just not being able to swap. I mean youre creating a creature just for it to have an ability to not swap. Not worth the investment/coins, since swapping is a strategy in the game that can either make or break you. Maybe if a Chomper had it itd be fine

It would be a high risk/high reward. Using the best 1v1 creature should have some disadvantages. Being unable to swap is nice I think. You want great 1v1 results? Sure, but you can’t get help by others in your team, like swappers. Fight till your death.

Yeah I understand the concept, its like MF except for the fact that it doesn’t really benefit you. Imo, theres other ways to nerf Maxima, starting with its stats

Of course, there are plenty of ways to counter Maxima (I even made a list lol). It’s just one of them

It even makes some logical sense. A huge sauropod (made from probably the biggest animal that ever walked on Earth) can’t run away from battle.

Lol if you wanna talk logic, lots of things dont make sense in the game. And thats to be expected since its a mobile game. For me, the ideas not for me, again Im all for more excitement in the arena, like more passive debuffs/buffs. But I do love the idea of nerfing a creature by thinking outside the box (not just focusing on its stats/moveset)

Me hahaha ya…that totally wound make a certain bleeder super broken :sweat_smile:

But some do, and it would be another one

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But you could just use maxima to close out a match and be just as op

If you want, it could be tweaked so JWA has this Pokemon aspect of Weaknesses/Resistances. Maybe itd be only unable to swap when a Bleeder appears, regardless the Bleeder (so even if it doesnt have a No Escape). Imo that would be better

And then give it on escape Heal and 50% resistance to DoT image