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Unable to watch video to speed up incubators

last 2 days ive been unable to watch any videos it just displays the message video loading any ideas how to rectify this would be great thanks

Hi Dinodaddy! That’s weird, since you should be allowed to watch up to 6 Video Ads every 24 hours. If you’re using a WiFi connection, could you try forgetting the network on your device then re-adding it and see if that helps?

hi Ronald ive tried your suggestion and it hasnt helped i also have no access to tapjoy im waiting for there technical team to reply the message when i try and open the tapjoy in shop, i get a message that says ‘nothing available for you at this time’ i made a ourchase recently in tap joy and ive had emails confirming my purchase has been dispatched ,i don’t know if this may ne relevant but i deleted the jwa app by mistake and re installed it its since that im unable to do any videos or enter tapjoy i just reset it to may 3rd and updated latest jwa settings and still no joy im ising so many game bucks to speed my incubators to please help thank you dinodaddy

I’m sorry to hear about that, Dinodaddy. Please reach out to our support team at so they can try to provide additional troubleshooting steps. Don’t forget to include your support key as it will help them find your account faster. If you’ve already contacted Tapjoy, then please also include the case ID as well as the email address you used to contact them.

Thank you!

hi im still unablentonwatch the videos olease advise as inneed these videos thank you

Hi @Dinodaddy I am having the same problem. Did this ever get fixed for you?


its an email addreas problem i reset my iphone to an earlier date and it used my old email address when it restored my info ive contacted tapjoy and ludia so many times i answer all there questions and give them all the info they need,key number phone id number etc, still not working!!

Oh dear, that doesn’t sound very good! Well, I have wasted so much money in this game, so hope they sort it or I will just have to leave and walk away!

yeah its a pain lol thanks for the chat happy hunting!

@Dinodaddy Hey, I just thought that I would come back to you on this, as you were 100% right!

2 emails sent to support, First one - over a week and no reply and the second - It has been 5 days and no reply!

I spent bucks on a game and become a valuable member (Top 150) - Just to be treated like dirt! Not to mention, we all know the logic to this game when you have maxed all your dino’s spend spend spend! Done with this… Could have used all that money to save up for a PS5!

i know how you feel mate all the rime and effort we theow in to the game ans another big change coming soon ive been grinding indo g2 its nearly 30 with 24 boosts to it so far git magna 30 with max boosts thora 30 149 soeed with max boosts and they could all be nerfed soon and i will have to start making new team its very clever from ludia to make money but ghey run the risk players will leave and this tapjoy has done my head in injust get an automated responce every time so annoying lol anyway nice chatting take care Andy