Dear ludia,
I’m writing because of this ridiculous stat boost problem that you refuse to fix. This was an AI battle that I lost because of stat boosts. Because the AI was boosted far beyond my team. I understand you want to make as much money as possible but this type of unfair pay to win strategy is highway robbery. It takes away a lot of the fun from this game which is sad because I, along with many others, enjoy this game, but cannot afford to keep up with the expensive over boosted competition. I’m not sure what you could do to fix this but I am very sad about what this game has become. The fact that I cant even beat AI because I can’t afford enough boosts is ridiculous

I mean it’s not that bad I ve faced worse a lot worse.


AI literally has only tier 1 or 2 stat boosts.

The issue is more likely levels. I face Lvl25 AI with Lvl 22 average


Like my thyla can easily counter that

How did you get to Library?
If that Dio stopped you I don’t know how you got to League 1.
I think you may need to drop.


Same I face 26-28 but their lightly boosts so it not as bad as normal arena

what’s that lv 24 epic?
but that dio isn’t all that hard to counter if you can predict the moves.

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Yeah that’s… Pretty tame compared to what I come across in the same arena…

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I’m in Library with an average lv 21.
boosting the right counters to what i normally face helps a lot.

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I mean even Suchotator can beat it anything with bleed can almost to pretty much kill it

That’s rough man. I can see how you lost if you don’t have a chomper. Or a distractor nullify

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Lol he literally has magna :joy:

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laughs in highly boosted Thor


I have so many things to say about this, lol.
First: AI battles should prove to be a challenge. Unfortunately they are not, but you should basically win only half of them. Personally I only lost to an AI just ONCE.
Second: It’s tier 1-2 boosted dinos. That’s tier 1 speed I’m looking at. It’s not “overboosted” and you get more than enough free boosts to get to tier 2 yourself with your whole team.
Third: Maybe you are just too high and you face an opponent that is slightly above average to tone you down a bit. You have fine counters for it. Magna I see. Shouldn’t be a problem.

Forth: I can go on, but I won’t.

What’s really the problem here? Can’t stand losing? I don’t get it.


I like that the AI is a challenge now. That said, it is usually at least 2 levels above my team and boosted. Since I am now playing an almost entirely unboosted team I lose some of those battles. Like @Tielenaar said though, I am still winning half or more of them, even unboosted.


My unboosted lvl 25 Dioraja has higher health and attack. :grin:


Aw man you should’ve seen the previous post that was like this ( i think it was last week?) where it was one of those long neck unique hybrids with 156 level speed or something, it was pure rubbish man!

I agree with others that the AI battles are fun now that they are harder. However they are still easy to win; it’s possible you are at a higher place than you “should” be on the ladder (which is fine, maybe you play well!). Also Dio can shred your team if you don’t have the right dinos…

That is interesting. I’ve only ever got up to Aviary but I have never seen a single boosted AI opponent. Is it something from the high end Arenas only?

I’ve recently seen boosted AI in Aviary and Lockwood, not sure about below that.

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