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Unavailable dragons


I know I’ve seen a couple dragons that aren’t available in the store. How do we get these and why are they so ridiculously powerful? Forget the fact that I’m battling dragons for 4 rounds now (instead of 3) and forget the fact that most of them are 2x more powerful than the max possible for my dragons, but how is resurrection fair???

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you can get that dragon too. It is by breeding hybrids


There are dragons that you can only get by breeding 2 different species:

  • Brooding Boltstamper= Rumblehorn + Skrill.

  • Hushbogle= Whispering Death + Snow Wraith.

  • Ghastly Zapplejack= Timberjack + Hideous Zippleback.

  • Deathly Galeslash= Deadly Nadder + Stormcutter.

  • Abomibumble= Gronckle + Monstrous Nighmare.

Like normal dragons, they vary in rarity (1-5 stars) and 3* star hybrids have 3 abilities instead of 2 so they are the most valuable for newer players.

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I see! Very informative, thank you.


that is a knock rocket on steroid, they tend to boost some dragons BP, regardless their rarity and star. as far as i know, knock rocket topped off at 1007BP


Wait, wait, hold on, are you saying that you are fighting the story beyond Hooligan Highlands, something that physically is not meant to be possible… by throwing hundreds of energy on pure restarting to get a lucky tile opening, with a rag-tag team of 5-star dragons that has the tactical composition of a brick… and you don’t know what a hybrid is? Like… you haven’t even touched the Breedery, seen Anveil, or at least the possibilities of breeding, let alone ANY source related to the game?

Okay, that is either some 10000$ thrown at the game or you cheating in plain sight. Because what I see happening is just endless drafts being randomly opened, all the resulting dragons being fed to each other, whenever training was available - you bought a training package to bypass any scale restriction and generally you have nothing to do with resources than to buy energy and throw it at story.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I gave you the benefit of doubt last time you posted, but this is ridiculous.

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I don’t need your benefit of the doubt. I’m on a forum asking questions. Someone else answered them, so I’m good to go now.



It’s possible without throwing much into the game. Seriously.


Not that I want to derail the discussion, but can you see the difference between a person, who shares a screenshot of two completed event dragons AND who is somehow still stuck with Pincher(which is still a sign of reality) and a person, who is god knows where and asks what is a hybrid dragon?

Like I said, I did not pay attention the first time, I knew some people on Discord were “far”, but this question about hybrids is probably in the similar boat as “why didn’t my energy regenerate when I bought 200 energy pack!!!” Usually a person would, like you, present something to more or less diffuse the situation. He didn’t. For all I know he could be below level 16 with a million runes. Not the first time that would happen.


I would just add that he doesn’t recognize a common 3* dragon (knock rocket) nor is familiar with the resurrection skill.

But whatever, if he’s a wallet warrior that’s his business. At least he is here engaging with the Community and trying to learn


Hey show please 4 * toothless as it looks I’m from Russia and I’m interested

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You guys make me laugh. Of course I know about the breedery but didn’t realize there were dragons in there different from what was naturally available.

As far as my level of progression, people excel at different rates. That’s why there are different skill levels at almost everything in life.

Perhaps wix, if you spent as much time focusing on your craft vs in this forum you wouldn’t be struggling so much.

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In the tasks of the felling there are training tasks to scrape this and this but there only the basics shows


You know, guys like FlyingWolfPuppy and Talisax are actually reasonable. I am not particularly fond of my “concerns”. I was ready to apologize, IF there was actually something to apologize to. Yet you say basically… say one of the most wallet warrior things imaginable. Might as well say “git gud”.

For reference, I was the author of the guide here before people had wiki or discord server. And I am probably THE most hardcore F2P achiever. So if you wanted to question my “ingame” craft - believe me, I’ve done things and helped people.
But if you want to say that I should be working, making a fat check and “having fun playing a game I dropped a fortune on” - then, yeah, you are right. and I have as much freedom to shove your advice up a certain hole as you have to shove my concerns.


I feel like no one cares about your “concerns” other than you. I’m sorry you’re butt hurt bro. You’ll get over it someday

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