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Unbalanced claim your territory

Could someone please have the developers take a look at this event because it is definitely unbalanced you have to use way to many strong dinosaurs to complete this event for such a terrible prize I skip this one every week just not worth competing how does everyone else feel about this one


With the new SDNA being offered I started doing the event last week. I got a common creature, which does not matter at my park level. Yes the rewards can be terrible or semi good depending on how the spin wheel treats you.

@Sionsith I decided to do this for the SDNA if not for that I would skip this one because it doesn’t give you a pack for the completion of the event after you use some of your strongest dinosaurs in four rounds it should be a guaranteed pack just my opinion @Ned and @Keith could y’all check with the developers on this event claim your territory and how unbalanced it is because the pay out is terrible


Hey Lora_Green, thank you for the feedback for this! I’ll be sure to share this with our team.

First I thought that I got lucky, but then I got my 1 million and first Onchopristis and 65 VIP points.


Since many of the daily events have their enemy line-up based on the three highest-ferocity creatures in my bench, I don’t play many of them. Not worth it. Too little prize, too much cooldown time, and most of the time, I’m super-outmatched anyway.

Some of the daily events are more doable because the opponents match up against the heart of my bench. For example, the hybrid showndown last Saturday, or the rarity rumble (when it’s rare creatures), or Mighty Money today, are still doable (and fun). At higher levels, the S-DNA prize (and opening Clash of the Titans) is the real incentive to do daily events.


Definitely agree that the difficulty of this event does not match up well with the chance of getting a decent prize. It says a LOT about how bad the game has gotten if the only reason to do a daily PvE event is just for the sDNA reward. This is the one I skip the most, since if I’m going to do 4 battles, I’d rather spend that time doing 4 PvP’s instead of this one, modded ones in particular earning me much better sDNA and other prizes in comparison… only if there’s little else on the schedule and I don’t have much else going on that day have I done this event.

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I actually kind of re-evaluated my decision not to play these after getting a horrible reward on my first modded PvP today (there’s another thread on that topic). At least I get a decent amount of DNA for each round and it only costs coins rather than DBs. And with there being some new badges for the SR aquatics, there’s some I still need to make lvl 40’s of, so I’m saving having to spend DNA on buying those by doing this event. So I went ahead and did it… and was rewarded with the pack, which got me at least some additional DNA and LPs, and one of the SR reefs I still need to complete. So worked out well for me.


I don’t really get the daily events. As in, I don’t understand the logic behind Ludia’s setting them up.

The rewards, for the most part, are in no way worth the cost for upper level players. Mighty Money, the food one, Test Your Strength, sure, those are great, because they don’t line up with your very top ferocious creatures. But the rest? You’d have to use 12-15 dinosaurs (since most events are now four or even five battles) with significant cool-downs each to get what? A spin on the prize wheel to win a rare or super-rare creature? No thanks.

If Ludia wants to make them more attractive for me, I need lower ferocity opponents. Even if the prize wheel were 1000 dinobucks, I don’t have a deep enough bench to place in those events.

Maybe most of the game’s players are lower level, so Ludia is trying to give them a challenge by making opponents match their top ferocity; they probably have shorter cool-downs and will log-in more often to complete the events and get prizes that are in line with the level of their park.

But for us upper level folks (I’m sorry if I sound snooty)? Nope. Not worth it, usually not even for the S-DNA and Clash of the Titans. It’s too bad. I miss being able to play the PvE events, just sheerly for the fun of it. But long ago on an island far, far away…


Today’s Rarity Rumble is particularly bad. Five battles requiring higher level creatures for a spin of the wheel to get a super-rare creature. My only saving grace was that the early battles were two herbivores, so I didn’t have to use hybrids on them and could save tham for later battles

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I mainly do them for SDNA, VIP points, Clash of Titans and because…I can.
This is not meant to be arrogant but seven lvl 10 Indoraptors and 25 lvl 40 VIPs plus a lot of hybrids between lvl 20 and 40 give me the luxury to complete almost all events without investing a single dinobuck.
Rewards are often awful indeed and playing PvPs may give me better income, but I still like the mission characteristic of events.
I still have the feeling that I miss something when I skip an event.


@HanSoloWannaBe I definitely agree.I have been playing for just over four years. And the pay out is definitely not set up for us long time players where we get a much better prize after using our strong dinosaur I definitely think they need to fix this based on your park level

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@Tommi I definitely understand what you are saying that these events are for the low level players and not for the long time players I think they need to set the prizes based on park level so players like me that have been playing for just over four years That it’s worth playing for just my opinion

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I totally agree that it really isn’t worth it for the spin-wheel/golden pack rewards. Like Tommi, I only do them for the new s-DNA and for the Clash of Titans, and I’ve strategically leveled my top dinos so the cooldowns are no more than 24 hours so I can at least play with my favorite dinos once per day. Although I would have to say, I’m coming to a point where I feel like I’m at an impasse in the game because of how these battles are calculated. The desire to evolve is gone because of the ferocity calculations.

It feels like we’re being punished for evolving our dinos.

I’m sure many of us have dinos sitting at level 20 or 30 because it’s not worth evolving them with the cooldown times being so long. I made that mistake by creating level 20 indoraptors… 1 day, 10 hour cooldowns… oof! That’s not that bad but it already feels unbearable! From what I hear, some of these level 40 legendary hybrids take between 5 - 7 days to cooldown, and in my mind that’s just not worth it. That’s insane! You can only battle with your favorite dinos once, maybe twice, a week? It makes me so sad!

It makes me sad seeing players like Lora, who have multiple top dinos at level 40 (which should be the dream lineup), have to pick and choose what events to play because otherwise the dino is cooling down the rest of the week. Maybe that’s the “strategy” portion of the game, but it feels more like punishment.


Ah, Battle for Survival. A PvE event that I (and many others) can finally play (i.e., I actually have dinosaurs of comparable ferocity to the opponent)…