Unbalanced Matchups


Continuing the discussion from Why am I going up against level 14, 15 and level 16 Dino’s when mine levels are lots lower as in 11, 12 and level 13 Dino’s:

Ever since the tournament started, I have been getting destroyed. Most times when I check my recently played the opponent I just faced is 600+ trophies ahead of me. Ludia you need to implement brackets. When the reset happened, all those stacked accounts at the top got a ton of easy matchups against the guys just barely over the 3500, like myself. I got as high as 3900 trophies. Since the tourney started I can’t get over 3700…half the time I’m at 3500… Its terrible and honestly the way the whole thing is set up is for the rich to get richer…all the whales will get the rankings, while the free to plays like myself will get nothing…


Men i feel you :unamused: im tired of facing lvl20 indo rex,raptors,stego god,tragodistis,stegoceratops etc
I can barely stay at 3400 now


I’m a pretty solid 3500, used to be about 3800. My real issue has been how much harder it is to get incubators. I’ve had actual downtime with not a single incubator running because I had a losing stretch and didn’t have time to get one.


I have 2496 cups and have a level 13 velociraptor and am going against level 18 velociraptors in battles, it is just impossible to win at the moment