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Unbalanced PvP Out of Hand

With the new update, PvP is moving from being unbalanced to completely unplayable. Here are two screenshots from my most recent “battle” (thumping really):

Guess how it ended?

Now that paying players can level their gear astronomically high, and can continue to sandbag trophies, the chances of having a winnable chance are dropping by the day. I have not, and will not, sandbag trophies as 1. Its boring, 2. Its time consuming, 3. Stupid.

I’d be fine with this if PvP wasnt basically required, as many quests require it (battle chest, brawl chest, etc).

I was hoping for the new levels (black dragon), and replay of explore mode, but waiting waiting waiting …

Im just losing all i terest in the game as there isnt anything fun about it anymore.

PvP? I’m not masochistic, so no fun there
PvE? Endless monotony, no fun there
Rallies? Nope, same as PvE, only takes way longer due to constant portals
Guild Events? Now that monster levels have increased I cant wait to get crushed after 10 levels here too.

Harder monsters and opponants, and LESS loot (warrior pass nerfed, Red Chests nerfed) = this game has become a never ending slog of garbage time tasks. For what? I havent seen a legendary in months.

Not sure how much longer I can wait around for new Explore levels and seeing if Ludia will ever answer weeks of questions around Dominate, loot upgrades, etc etc.

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I agree it is extremely ridiculous. I had a similar experience just now with the current ToM.

I started playing this game because of dnd theme and stayed because it has (real-time) pvp.

The dnd theme is not keeping me for ever and now that everything pvp related (and more) gets more broken every update I get increasingly more frustrated. That’s not what a game should do.

The constantly increasing greediness of Ludia doesn’t help either.


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PvP imbalance is 100% due to the stupid nature of the matcher as has well been documented over many threads over many months.

I’ve actually found PvP to be incredibly erratic since the update, I’ve either had amazing runs (of luck?) where I’ll hit 5-10 victory streaks or I end up getting thumped several times in a row. I’ve also come across a lot more people who have streaks in play themselves.

Now I’m not sure if this is to do with the unevenness of the matches and quality of opponents, especially since League Reset. I’m sat on the lower end of the Burntbone League, so I can either face people on a similar level to mine, or characters a few levels higher. Now, if characters are up to 2 levels above my highest level characters, I know I’ve got a fighting chance of winning if procs go my way. Anything above that and I know I’m toast.

Another thing that’s been interesting is that far more of my matches end up in a 1 v 1 Fire showdown situation with the winner of the game being the one who gets the right proc or gets a critical hit in.

I had about 2 months off playing PvP heavily because I was quite frankly fed up and bored of it, but have played well over 150 matches since the update. So in a strange way, I’ve been enjoying it more, but there’s definitely things that need looking into.

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Unless the algorithms have changed, the link blow may assist in interpreting how the developer uses seasonal resets and divergent algorithms to ensure such horrendous match making.

PvP completely unwinnable

However, despite the facts, the usual suspects will soon post in support of the inane corporate position that the root cause of all mismatches is players tanking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

And they may very well be correct Orloch, that the reason for the mis-matches is player tanking.

But this begs the questuon, why are players tanking? This is an easy answer - because the matchmaking system is based on trophies, which is absurdly easy for a player to manipulate … by throwing matches.

Total experience in my opinion is a much easier way to match skill vs skill. The only way to take advantage would be to stop leveling gear, which inversly effects a players ability to compete in both PvP and PvE events. Seems like a simple solution to me.

So, logically it wont happen.

My lvl 16 party matched against a lvl 26 party in the last SH event. Good times haha.

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My apologies, Orloch. I did not intend to say that all the problems are caused by players actions, but looking at it again, thats exactly what I said. My fault.

I believe the highest players dont do this, and have no reason to. You top-tier players are all forced upon the mid-tier players each reset. For the next week or so this accounts for a great deal of chaos and poor matches.

The Event system is also rigged to match mid-tier Event PvP opponents to top-tier ones doing Battle PvP. Its even more unbalanced when the two occur together.

But within the mid-tier there are also those that tank trophies to get weaker opponents, and to get matched up with equal tier battle opponents while doing events.

All I meant to say is that the current system is broken and fairness is nonexistant here. I dont enjoy a game that either gives me impossible fights I cant win, or punching bags that go down quick and easy.

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Its always been terrible but something has changed after the last update to make it worse. Almost every battle I have had in the last week has been with someone far weaker than myself

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So, in the OP game, his opponents current trophy count of 4397 was matched against his own highest trophy count of 4159.

His opponents highest is 5421, so quite a difference. As his opponent has been moving up from his reset trophies of 3500, this is not a case of sandbagging by his opponent.

The OP’s current trophy count is 3313, so he is currently down trophies from a reset to 3500 or up from a reset of 3250, if the old tables are still correct.

I have to give credit to the OP for getting his trophy count to 4159. The characters in his lineup are right in the middle of his roster. At 21 renown, I don’t see his other characters could be any better.

Each situation is different. OP looks to me as a victim of his own success and the season ranking reset.

And, that’s why players sandbag.

Sandbagging takes a lot of effort, though, as the highest trophy count used for the Event player in battle is taken from the current and previous season. Players who sandbag are forfeiting the better chests they would be getting in the higher leagues they would likely otherwise be in.

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I look at matchups that seem mismatched here and while I play the game. We all notice the character levels of players who throw us a game.

Each occurrence is different. They may be throwing me a bone and don’t care or know that I am raising my highest trophy count and putting me at a disadvantage in events. They may be sandbagging. It may be the closest match the matchmaker can find before sending me to bots. It may be the matchmaker itself working as designed.

I have ended many, many 5 game winning streaks of very weak players who I was so surprised to see because they had very low trophy counts. 5 seems a magic number.

Anyway, system resets, which apply to the OP’s situation here, seem to be a part of the game that many players enjoy and don’t want removed.

Interestingly enough, system reset brings higher ranked players down far enough that they come in range for the matchmaker to put them against the sandbaggers.

There are definitely sandbaggers.


I am a high end player and it sucks to be matched against us I know. Season reset coupled with a pvp event always end up with mass complaints that week. Having said that I dont know if i will even be doing events anymore. Slogging through up to 60 wins vs bots just to et a legendary item is no longer with it. with the new gear levels and no increase in drop rate for legendary or SH items you are really better off just farming instances to get more epics and rares as they have become more powerful.

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I was thinking the same thing and I have plenty of room for new legendaries. 60 wins at a 40 to 45 percent win rate is b.s. I guess I’m not in a big hurray to get anywhere. There’s certainly no point in trying to catch up or keep up with anyone. I started this game almost a year after it opened.

I can see the Dev’s dilemma. Fewer rooms and grinders will zoom and complain about no content, which they do. The fact almost all players don’t have the time to put in hours a day though give the grinders a big advantage in gear, which they like.

As I recall, Orlach showed us a graph displaying the average time people played the game a day. Something like 20 minutes. He thought it meant people don’t like the game. I think it means people have other pressing responsibilities.

The matchmaking system is just casting a wide net, which seems more noticeable after this most recent update. It’s quite easy to make accusations without any proof of tanking. That player in the screen shot has been in the top 25ish range the entire time after the season reset. You can’t stay in that range and tank a ton as the field keeps increasing their trophy count at that level and you need your streak going.

I’m inside the top ten and still see miss matches when I get live players, which is like 5-10% of my matches. The other 90% of my matches are bots. Since season reset I’ve jumped up over 2k trophies and the bots have stayed pretty consistent in terms of power level. There’s not much profit in tanking from a top player’s perspective. Frankly, I usually play as little pvp as possible unless someone is egging me on in my guild to get some trophies. I can’t speak for mid or newer players as the dynamics might be different when you have a bigger pool of players in your trophy range.


Though player tanking (or sandbagging if you will) is a thing outside of the top 100, the real culprit here is the matchmaking system itself.

There have been endless suggestions from players like myself to change the current system, which uses highest trophy count, to one based on total xp count or character lvl+gear lvl.

Secondly, in my opinion there shouldn’t be a tougher algorythm for pvp events matchmaking, since fighting opponents of a similar level is already challenging.

So long as ludia doesn’t heed this, matchmaking will remain a major cause of frustration (maybe second only to ongoing server issues).


There’s a good point there @Mo_Young - it should now be easier to find average gear power now due to the changes last update and use that for matchmaking. Levels are deceptive and only present minor bonuses compared to gear, so I’d rather it was wholly focused on that.

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Here’s an example of how easy it is to rig the current matchmaking system. My opponent’s trophy count is 200 lower than mine hah

Though I now realize this is probably caused by the season reset rather than a player tanking. Not much point in tanking of you have a level 29 party…