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Unbalanced PvP Out of Hand

@ninja not sure that’s bots… i missed dominate, hit saarvin twice with shev’s kill ability. Not a scratch haha!

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My mistake @Mo_Young for some reason I thought you had hit level 29 already, which doesn’t really make sense based on what you had posted and now looking back at your screenshot. I guess the prospect of facing opponents almost double your level takes unbalanced PvP to a whole new level.

oneshot for me… surely not a bot

so wait, you are moderating someone because exposed what is clearly suspicious play? really? Instead of investigating and possibly catch someone who is ruining our game you remove a comment from a top player because he’s 99% right?


I got a warning for “shaming” /sigh


If you think someone is a cheater dm a mod, do not post on the open forums we will hit you for name and shame.

Innocent until proved guilty applies.

ok, can you give us the correct procedure to report this player?

To report a suspected cheater, you can either DM a mod on the forums (any one of us with the red Ludia logo next to their username) or send a ticket to

Please provide as much information as you can: screenshots, the player’s in-game name, any other relevant info you may have. We’ll then be able to forward this to the team for further investigation.

So just to make things perfectly clear - if you cheat in the game you can pretty much get away with it as the level of effort and evidence required to report it is above and beyond what the average player is going to be willing to provide.

On the other hand you dare to talk even remotely out of line about the game itself on the forum and in some cases (and the mods know exactly who I’m talking about now) - you get hit with a several week ban. This ban was for pointing out sandbagging and this is the most shameless example of proof we have ever seen. Evidence posted by 2 different players.

Ironically, the person cheating is looking to ruin the game for everyone else and gets away with it, but the person ‘talking out of line’ is looking to improve the game for everyone and gets punished for it.

There’s no shaming involved when something is this blatant - since the update I’ve only been able to afford to and gained the relevant experience to level up 2 of my characters with a third close behind. Yet someone has all their characters going from 20 up to 29 in a few weeks and is such that they can’t match with anyone on their level and level 16s are facing them. Come on now.


You can talk about how sandbagging is affecting your overall experience, you can complain about the game, we have 0 issues with this.

We do not allow you to accuse individuals of cheating. This leads to bullying and harassment that might not even be founded in fact (there are people that get reported as cheaters that actually aren’t). If you tell a mod we give the player ID to the internal moderation team to review if they are in-fact cheaters and to handle accordingly. We don’t like cheaters either, a lot of us mods play the game and we get it, they ruin the experience for everyone. Due process is a thing though.

Just a moderator’s view.


Thaks for your kind response and the overall view on Ludia policy about cheating, i opened a dispute with credit card company and i will get refund in 3/5 days, so now it’s all your problem. Goodbye and have a good game!


Ok, so J.C. just admitted that there is a way to cheat/hack the game, as he mentioned that these players ruin everyone’s experience. I’d like to hope and think that these accounts are easily flagged/detected, and appropriately taken care of before they make a meaningful impact on everyone else.


Anyone else has matchmaking issues? I’m 1+ lvl behind on all characters like 95% of the games

Real… That happened 3x in a row on a event stage with limited tries…

That’s on purpose, right??

Yes 1 behind on event bots. But 5+ levels behind on players. At that gap, you can’t dint them

It’s just 1 or 2 levels behind but the item progress gap is huge… Just compare the hp bars…

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I just played a player 350 trophies below me. I was in Battle. I assume he was in Event. I didn’t look him up, but I assume he must have been on a heck of a winning streak. His characters melted so it wasn’t a case of matching Power which happens sometimes. It was early in the morning so perhaps it was the best match he could get. And, I’m not sandbagging.

The yesterday I ran in into a player. I had 12 and 3-14s and he had 15,16,16,17. I won. Pikel and Jar :raised_hands: ftw. He was strong. I got lucky with Dominate. Sometimes it happens. A lot of players will excessively level their characters without leveling the gear they are using. Level alone is not a reason to presume the match is unfair.

Ludia has said a players Power is considered in matchmaking. Exactly what Power is we don’t know. I can say though that I often run into teams of 1 to 2 levels below me that have beaten me badly and the opposite is also true.

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unbalanced battles, is losing to incompetent players🤪

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I’m account lvl 15
I got 1 char on lvl 9, 1 on lvl 11, rest is on lvl 10.
I hit arena level 7 a few days ago.
I’ts almost imposible to even beat a single opponent hero in most fights. Often my team is killend with just 1 or 2 multi target attacks. Barbarians are healing more with life drain than I can damage them with 2 rounds focused damage

Item disadwantage is way to huge. Even the level 12 bots can’t be beaten reliable any more.

Sounds like you pushed up too high for what your characters, and more importantly your gear levels, are able to handle. You’ll naturally be pushed back down into the appropriate range for your strength.

But I’d advise to work on your gear as more important than hero level.

well … gear disadwantage from unlocking new items made it necessary to push the level of the characters … that I’m raising in arena is a unhabby side effect