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Unbalanced PvP Out of Hand

I’m account lvl 15
I got 1 char on lvl 9, 1 on lvl 11, rest is on lvl 10.
I hit arena level 7 a few days ago.
I’ts almost imposible to even beat a single opponent hero in most fights. Often my team is killend with just 1 or 2 multi target attacks. Barbarians are healing more with life drain than I can damage them with 2 rounds focused damage

Item disadwantage is way to huge. Even the level 12 bots can’t be beaten reliable any more.

Sounds like you pushed up too high for what your characters, and more importantly your gear levels, are able to handle. You’ll naturally be pushed back down into the appropriate range for your strength.

But I’d advise to work on your gear as more important than hero level.

well … gear disadwantage from unlocking new items made it necessary to push the level of the characters … that I’m raising in arena is a unhabby side effect

@Isabelle have you investigated on the palyer with all 28/29 toons of the screenshot above? I opened a ticker one week ago and no reply yet.

Can someone at Ludia explain to the Community how a player can have all lvl 28/29 toons without cheating?

I think this is highly disrespectful in regard to all of the honest players of this game/Community.


@Isabelle @J.C any update from your side?

Why is this allowed to happen. Can they really not program any sort of check to keep this from happening? 13 vs 17&18; 14 vs 18&19 What do they even gain by one shotting my entire squad? Bragging rights? I can’t wait until I can decimate other players who are way out matched. I waste hundreds of crystals in these events to not move a single square. Just make the matches even. I’m so tired of it. All I have is a lot of swearing and anger. Done with this. Fix your game.

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Always happens a lot at the beginning of a new season, when they reset everyone together at virtually the same trophy count. It spreads out over the course of a week.

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Check if the character level exceeds an amount and if it does, then just let me play bots. You say this like “Right of course, it’s supposed to be that way. The system works! :-D” It isn’t. Also can I get a refund for all the crystals I spent not getting anywhere? After I complained I had a couple rounds of opponents in my character level. So it is possible. Then after I won a couple it went back up to 4/5 levels above crushing me. Fix your game. Don’t tell me this is not fixable with a couple lines of code. It’s stupid to pretend it isn’t. If I drove a car and after every gas fill up the air bag deployed while I was driving I wouldn’t say something like “Oh well the black eyes and bruises evens out after a week.” Seriously. And these screen captures aren’t all from the reset. I’ve been keeping them on my phone, I just got so fed up to finally post about it today. So don’t give me that either.

It’s not fixable with a couple lines of code. But it is fixable… You need to understand the game mechanics. Hero levels don’t mean a whole lot compared to gear upgrades. A single character level increase is about equivalent to a single gear upgrade, and some people do dozens and dozens of gear upgrades before they even care to level toons. So you can also have a crew of say all level 16 heroes decked out in insane gear that can easily slaughter level 18/19’s with regularity. You can also have a really rushed account with all level 20 toons with bad gear upgrades, that can’t even routinely beat decently armed parties of level 17’s. So they’ll lose and lose, and next thing you know that level 20 person is matched up against 15’s until they win 1 or 2.

So while I agree with your sentiment that PvP is still pretty broken, your “easy fix” with a couple of lines of code isn’t accurate. What Ludia needs to do (and they might already, i think i read it somewhere), is quantify the actual power of a team, with every single gear stat somehow translated to a number, and each account’s total power matched up to a range of equivalents. Again there may already be something like this, but those ranges expand when on losing streaks, and depending on your trophy count, max trophy count, and some other factors.

In other words I think you’re on the right track, but just looking at levels is useless and even worse it’s misleading (when you think you’re better than someone else just because you have higher character levels).