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Unbalanced PvP Out of Hand

@Isabelle have you investigated on the palyer with all 28/29 toons of the screenshot above? I opened a ticker one week ago and no reply yet.

Can someone at Ludia explain to the Community how a player can have all lvl 28/29 toons without cheating?

I think this is highly disrespectful in regard to all of the honest players of this game/Community.


@Isabelle @J.C any update from your side?

Why is this allowed to happen. Can they really not program any sort of check to keep this from happening? 13 vs 17&18; 14 vs 18&19 What do they even gain by one shotting my entire squad? Bragging rights? I can’t wait until I can decimate other players who are way out matched. I waste hundreds of crystals in these events to not move a single square. Just make the matches even. I’m so tired of it. All I have is a lot of swearing and anger. Done with this. Fix your game.

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Always happens a lot at the beginning of a new season, when they reset everyone together at virtually the same trophy count. It spreads out over the course of a week.

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Check if the character level exceeds an amount and if it does, then just let me play bots. You say this like “Right of course, it’s supposed to be that way. The system works! :-D” It isn’t. Also can I get a refund for all the crystals I spent not getting anywhere? After I complained I had a couple rounds of opponents in my character level. So it is possible. Then after I won a couple it went back up to 4/5 levels above crushing me. Fix your game. Don’t tell me this is not fixable with a couple lines of code. It’s stupid to pretend it isn’t. If I drove a car and after every gas fill up the air bag deployed while I was driving I wouldn’t say something like “Oh well the black eyes and bruises evens out after a week.” Seriously. And these screen captures aren’t all from the reset. I’ve been keeping them on my phone, I just got so fed up to finally post about it today. So don’t give me that either.

It’s not fixable with a couple lines of code. But it is fixable… You need to understand the game mechanics. Hero levels don’t mean a whole lot compared to gear upgrades. A single character level increase is about equivalent to a single gear upgrade, and some people do dozens and dozens of gear upgrades before they even care to level toons. So you can also have a crew of say all level 16 heroes decked out in insane gear that can easily slaughter level 18/19’s with regularity. You can also have a really rushed account with all level 20 toons with bad gear upgrades, that can’t even routinely beat decently armed parties of level 17’s. So they’ll lose and lose, and next thing you know that level 20 person is matched up against 15’s until they win 1 or 2.

So while I agree with your sentiment that PvP is still pretty broken, your “easy fix” with a couple of lines of code isn’t accurate. What Ludia needs to do (and they might already, i think i read it somewhere), is quantify the actual power of a team, with every single gear stat somehow translated to a number, and each account’s total power matched up to a range of equivalents. Again there may already be something like this, but those ranges expand when on losing streaks, and depending on your trophy count, max trophy count, and some other factors.

In other words I think you’re on the right track, but just looking at levels is useless and even worse it’s misleading (when you think you’re better than someone else just because you have higher character levels).

And for whatever it’s worth (not much), this bothers me at a philosophical level, because it’s precisely one of the D&D 4e pitfalls that D&D 5e was specifically engineered to avoid.

Early on in character progression, you can’t equip certain rarities of gear until you hit certain levels. Now that the gear levels have been “normalized,” I wonder if some sort of link between character level and gear level … like maybe you can’t advance any given piece of gear higher than character level + X. I haven’t internalized the math enough to know what X should be. Doing this would give you a better sense of your opponent’s actual power level in PvP.

But I don’t know that a change like that would really make much difference. After all, PvP pairings are random, based more on trophies than actual power if I understand correctly. (And if I don’t, I’d like to understand it better.) If the devs are too lazy or uncaring or whatever the right adjective is to work out a PvP pairing algorithm that takes character levels and gear levels into account in a better way than trophies, using character level as a proxy for guessing at gear level doesn’t really get you anywhere once you’re in a match.

At times — okay, many times — I find the randomness of PvP matchmaking and of my own team composition very frustrating. Planning/strategizing to counter the meta is significantly limited by the random draw. I guess the random draw of opponents is just a price we pay for having PvP be real-time two-player. But I sure would like a bit more control over my own team composition. Maybe having two sets of four slots, kind of like Warrior Draft? I dunno. Just an idle thought.

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After season reset, most battles are too unbalanced. Please fix this.

After spending the better part of a year envisioning and implementing seasonal resets while tuning and refining the algorithms, it seems the developer is finally satisfied with matchmaking. I assume this to be accurate as the algorithms have remained unchanged for a number of months. Despite continued dissatisfaction among some players, I do not expect to see any significant changes in the near future.

Moving forward people will level gear so you will not know if out matched. Level 18 characters with level 28 gear. I have many guildmates who are not leveling characters and focusing on gear. You will have to inspect the characters. Having a few extra levels on your BP makes a huge difference. Level 22 BP vs level 16 BP is the same sat boosts as 6 levels. Gear > levels.

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Great point and a good start. The other key I have noticed is when my attacks don’t do any damage to those hp bars lols, because of course ac is scaling with those also. Or, when an opponent’s normally survivable attack such as Farideh’s Shatter melts my entire team after I have cleansed her common helm’s Dark One’s Blessing.

Idk. Reset is kinda fun as long as I stay away from Events. Battle is free and so are its Battle and Brawler Chests.

…There’s not a lot of discussion in these forums about character gear combinations. Well, more like none. Buff and debuff synergy can turn the table on a matchup. This game doesn’t lend itself well to high damage crit teams. In other games a player who likes that meta can setup his one toon to do just that and get the glory while the buffers and debuffers sit in the background and smile, knowing full well what made it all work. In this game that dps player has to learn how it all works together. There’s no one else.

I think this is why matchups based simply on power will not work. Power alone is a very poor measure of a teams possible success.


Agreed. I only play when I win a chest with free entry. Typically I don’t win. I’m constantly playing against 3/4 level players or players that receive all the rolls (critical, life drain, resurrect, disarm) it’s really not fun to play!


Couldn’t agree more.

First of all, and I counted “it”, I lose the start of the game 75% of the time.
Secondly, even though I have most 12 level characters, I am paired against level 13 and 14 characters against my 11 and 12 level characters.
A short while when I was (finally) looking to win some PvP, the other player’s remaining character continued “Revive” – Hal no less, self healing. And this has happened more than you would care to.
Talk about healing - yep, it’s really fun to come up against another player with at least 2 healers and you have none.

The game was fun, but it has crashed – letting my friends know not to waste their time.

Agree. Just lost 9 straight times in the poker silver hand. It was amazing how many times I missed , didn’t dominate a character, etc… but who I’ll ayes against hit everything including critical as and disarms. This game has become not fun and just frustrating and maddening.

Missed both the dominant and stun. Was dominated and disarmed. Notice I also have the elf but she never disarmed anyone. I also missed3 attacks. This is so frustrating!

If you want a better experience you need to pay for it

I’d almost rather have heroic resistance taken out of PvP. Or make it 100% resistance on 1st turn of block. Getting insta killed through 1st turn block is super annoying. Seems to happen often against me. But anytime I try to they resist. The inconsistency and non transparency of heroic resistance is very bothersome. Someone claimed that “Everybody knows Heroic resistance is flat 25%”, but it really doesn’t feel that way. Would love to see some patch notes that detail how it works. Lower level toons trying to use an ability that is subject to resistance seem to fail much more than 25% of the time.

Her drop, ok if I pay for it is it a sure thing? The transparency and unequal matchmaking leaves me weary of paying for anything on this app. If there is a pay app similar and better ( not hard to do) then I would. What is that app?

@Tassthewarrior, A few months ago there was some debate regarding the longevity of the app. Since then we have witnessed the rapid dismantling of an already diminshed player base. As such it might seem foolish to spend on the app at the current time.

They are still desperate for people to spend money. The latest is that despite Pikel being a Tier 10 free reward in Quest Pass this month for anyone who doesn’t have him, they are trying to currently get people to pay real money to recruit him in the store.

This is surely a poor practice.

Yep, the updates lasted a day. Now it’s back to level 14 characters versus 11 and 12 level characters even though I have more than 4 level 12 characters to compete. And, it’s back to anemic hits and counter hits. And, the other PvP resisting most anything. Finally, the programming is back to misses towards the end of the battle where you were just beginning to gain an advantage.

The VIP membership must get you lots of immunities.