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Unbalanced PvP Out of Hand

Agreed Wazzup, don’t mind ninja he’s a plant or likes to argue, otherwise he certainly should know better.

Hows about when you get 4 melee and the opponent gets a tank and 3 range, that’s a fun fight and it happens aloooooot.

The new characters with the fancy and unfair abilities benefit players who can purchase.

Same ole dump.

The majority of players core are the original 8.

So it’s much more glaringly obvious and unfair.

It’s evident that the programmers are NOT clueless, they simply don’t care about the community!

Odd thing happened with last PvP… I was almost immediately teamed with level 17 characters against my 11, 12 and 13 level characters. Fortunately, or by pity, the other player did not respond. It was still a long, arduous “kill” as it took many hits to wear down the level 17 characters. It’s not that I am not grateful, but it is an indication of the frustration with this PvP system. Two things, in this case, the system was too quick to pair my team against an overwhelmingly superior team. Why is that? I am sure there were other, more closely aligned teams to PvP with. Secondly, with 12 and 13 level characters, why isn’t the system choosing the highest level characters especially in such an unbalanced match up. I believe this speaks volumes to a major flaw with the PvP system in this game – PvP matches with highly unbalanced teams of players.

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Why is Orloch’s message flagged? How is his message demeaning to the community? I would ask of the people flagging everything to simply stop flagging everything you disagree with. I would like to hear from whomever flagged this message as to why he/she flagged it in the first place.

Whitewash censorship is for cowards. If you are offended or bothered by something, then exercise your rights of speech rather than trampling everybody elses. Thank you.

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Its moderators hiding posts they dont like. Expect this post to be flagged

Hi everyone, while we can not speak about moderation actions please be aware that there are Forum Rules in place to make sure all comments and feedback are given in a constructive manner. If you have any concerns about moderation or issues with some action taken please feel free to reach out to a moderator in private.

Forum should show WHO flagged the comment, for transparency regarding why the post was flagged, as well as a written comment should be provided for by the Flagger as to why it was flagged.

I agree and I have passed on similar sentiments to Hank. Those of us who do want to know should maybe pm him, as per his suggestion.

So Orloch was flagged for speaking the truth, or at least the truth based on the results we are all talking about, Wonder how long it will take the FCC to see how Ludia is cheating everyone.

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FTC btw.

How about Ludia paying attention, accepting the criticism and doing something about other than banning accounts for days just like Twitter and others. Truth hurts.

It’s the Twitter model – ban those that you don’t agree with and support those that agree with you.