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Unblock the map

Is a cold rainy winter here, I am ununployed since February and I don’t know if you heard it, but there is virus killing people around the world, there is no chance I go out, c’mon, how it is posible that you still doesn’t unblock the map.
There are towers and dinos just outside my zone, this are chances to get coins and DNA, and Ludia seems don’t understand, I used to be VIP, I know, the fee wasn’t todo much, but I payed every month, now I don’t have a job, but still play the game every day, sorry for my english.

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Don’t risk your live doing not important things!
And a game is endless! @AntoGabo
A game is just for relaxing!

Being a VIP is nothing! Because 1 day you will delete the game! So I didn’t be a VIP!
Don’t buy things in the game with your money! @AntoGabo