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Unboosted Arena option

I know I am just holding my breath here but it needs to said. We need the option to select boosted or unboosted Arena. Maybe unboosted battles would not give Tournament points and just incubators like the AI battles do.


It’s been said hundreds of times. Especially with their stunt today there is next to no way they will ever give us a boost free arena, there isn’t any proffit in that. (Or they could Ludia it, 25000 cash per battle in said arena.)

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At this point I’d rather just face the AI. The PVP (formally the best part of the game) was put to rest long ago.

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The AI never ceases to terrify me with its choices of unusual stuff. Or maxima. That thing is scary!

Agreed. If they did this; no one would be left to buy the precious boosties…


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Im unboosted at 4700-4800 and even batle lot of people with boosted cowards oops sorry RATs,Thors and ProceRATS and doing pretty good ,im not even using my best dinos…
I also batlle a few guys with unboosted teams aswell and god its fun
Stay strong fellas :fist_right::clap::muscle:


The boosties are indeed powerful, but there is only one mascot to rule them all - Ridiculously Aggravating Tactic (R.A.T) boost mascot!

One Rat to rule them all!

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