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Unboosted Experiment

So we all know a lot of people will might play around with boosts after the reset. I think ima do an experiment. I’m keeping track of what I find most often and will see what happens unboosted, and discover how much impact it makes on trophies. I have no problem falling to estate, I might even be the first spinoconstrictor/Orion player there.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

I plan to try and wait a little bit to see what I absolutely need on my team. There will probably be new uniques and other super hybrids so I’ll have to wait and see

Today is day one of boosted, I’ve decided I’m going to play ten arena battles daily and keep track of what i face

Day 1 of the unboosted experiment

These were over a course of ten battles

M: Monster, a creature that had been boosted so it performs a different niche (nitro Thor) it has 10+ boosts on it (crutch)

SB: Slightly boosted, a creature that has a moderate spread of boosts that slightly amplify it power but isn’t difficult to take down with it counters ( a 2/3/2 indo2 )

UB: Unboosted

The lower chart is my highest and lowest score for the day. I will not change my team during this experiment.