Uncloseable ads

These ads (that I use in the hatchery) usually glitch out and are impossible to close, with the only fix being a force close of the game. The little X doesn’t close the ad.

Upon restarting the game, the ad doesn’t count for any progress either.

Im on an iPhone 11


I increasingly run into this. I’m on an Android phone so not the same system, but lots of adds just take just to Google Play whatever you do, and then back to the ad when you hit back, but will not close. Infuriating.


Happens to me alot too, those companies must be desperate for clicks so much that they stop operating the x button :joy:

But also I’ve found that clicking the back key on my phone a few times to get out of this.


Well they only get paid if you click on the ad. That’s how ads work nowadays. I don’t think it’s from a place of desperation, just extremely poor design.

And my phone doesn’t have button so it’s a force close and reopen for me :upside_down_face:


iPhone XS here and this one doesn’t work at first but after 30 more seconds of staring at this screen the “x” finally worked:

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