Unconfirmed paying more DNA to make a Hybrids!



To make Indominus rex there were needed 50 T rex en 50 raptor gen. As realy in the morning, I want to up to Legendary. Thought only look at my T rex gen. it was like 5 times and lost al my raptor DNA… Whats happening! Like other dinosaurs apotosaurus go’s to 200… without letting us know.

Thats no style JWA! You hurt my feelings… I’m very dissapointed


As far as i know it has always been 500 raptor dna… diffrent value for diffrent rarity.


Been that way. Stayed that way


for a level 21 hybrid you will need: 2000 if the ingredient is common, 500 if rare and 200 if epic, 50 if legendary.
for a level 16 hybrid: 500 if common, 200 if rare and 50 if epic
for a level 11 hybrid: 200 if common 50 if rare
for a level 6 hybrid: 50 if common

Edit: now is correct


Lvl 16 legendaries need 500 of a common. The epics that start at 11 which are hybrids require 200 common



this guys gonna feel really bad when he sees indoraptor needs 2000 raptor DNA for one fuse lol


Yes but I’m glad to know that. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


I’ve watched a YouTube video that it was always the cost to make those specials. It is just 2 redicious you have spend so much DNA…