Under powered creatures

So yea um I need help because I have underpowered creatures and my opponents have level 20s and 24s but I only have level 18 19s 17s 16s 15

I’m constantly in that boat, only just got my first lvl 20 but am at top end of lockwood estates (4450 trophies). Not really much you can do other than keep grinding, leveling up & fusing.


There’s honestly nothing you can really do about it for now. Just keep grinding and darting everything you can.

Though what might help you is focusing on a singular goal at a time.

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Switch T. rex for thylacotator

Level up the compy once you have the colon and switch it for sr2
Also go for dracoceratops and monolometrodon
Tip: don’t go for indoraptor
It is awful compared to other cheap uniques like erlidom, Thor, and dracoceratosaurus

It’s pretty bad. Allosino is able to beat it and indom probably can too. And those aren’t even supposed to be good against it according to the class system.

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Colon what

I have a level 18 monolometrodon. It works really well as a starter for me. Also it has a load of versatility and is pretty good as a starter

Also, I suggested those hybrids because they are cheap