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Under the weatherdary

So what this post is about is simple. Its how legendaries are a bit “under the weather”. Or more accurate term. Most useless rarity in the game.
You have apex dinos that are the Supreme gods of the arena. You have Uniques that can win you most of the important raids. And some do quite well in arena as well. You have Epics that are the most value for your buck as they can do decent in arena and they are valued the most for tournaments. Then you got rares which while are not good in arena are also extremely valuable in tournaments. Commons sometimes appear in tournaments and while they are not as strong as the other rarities. They can be very strong in advantage.

Then…there…are… the… legendaries. The 2nd most populated rarity in the game. The 3rd highest rarity in the game. But yet the most useless. Theres current 47 legendaries in the game. Out of 47. 2 are end game grade creatures. That being acrocanthrops and DC. 1 has a niche role as in Indom in a boosted environment. Tryo which is decent in arena at best until you hit shores. But is good in raids. Which can just be replaced by a lvl 16 irri. Pho which is another just decent in arena. And thats about it. Out of 47 legendaries. The 3rd highest rarity in the game. 5 have really any use. It used to be 6 until they turned Metrodon into a hadro lunchable.

We don’t even get legendary tournaments anymore to make use of any decent legendaries such as Metrodon, Eremoceros, Allosino, Therium and Smiloceph. Then you have the rest which are pretty much non existent past their hybrid potential levels.

Dsungaia which has an exclusive component. Absolutely trash.
Alloraptor which has an exclusive component. Is only getting worse
Carbotocera with an exclusive component main use was against pho. Which I mean means it’s useless now.
Dilophoboa another exclusive and yet another useless legendary
dakotanops has a night time only local spawn and its just about useless.
Tarkus which has an exclusive, a park lock and a daily is worse than its epic component.
Indo g2 another exclusive, is only decent in some raids but gets utterly thrashed in anything higher than aviary
Porcus only use is at high levels for raids. Its wrhino is arguably the most valuable component in the game. Yet porcus got burnt while sitting in the oven all day.
Poukaidei yet another useless exclusive legendary
Skoola has some uses in raids. Can get trebax for some lower levels. Thats about it though.
Spinonyx which has a components thats dusk or dawn only. Another useless legendary.

There may be more. But im only doing this off the top of my head.

While useless may be the wrong “term” to use here. It pretty much sums up the rarity thats named Legendary. Even commons get more use out of investing into them. This needs changed ludia. The 3rd highest rarity in the game shouldn’t be the most useless rarity period. Not quite sure why anyone thought this a good idea.




You would :rofl:

Yes Spinonyx buff I wouldn’t mind, I have no idea why it’s a Cunning Fierce to start with, it’s moveset is amazing but I’d like it to have stun immunity and a buff on the attack because sat the moment it has the basic 1k bleeder damage, maybe put it up to 1.4k and make it pure Fierce instead.

What?? Alloraptor? Really? That thing is OP already. #buffPyrritator

I’m sorry what?! Allorap is OP? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Can you imagine how much more fun the game would be in there was only a slight upgrade for each rarity tier? In theory (and niche roles) almost anything could be viable… oh my, I gave myself goosebumps

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i wouldn’t mind more HP on it.

Allorap needs stun immunity. I did get snowballed by a 0/16/8 Alloraptor lol, but I was fighting it with unboosted dino’s which were lower. But it does need immunity or resistance to stun.

It’s frustrating that many legendaries were absolutely fantastic before raids were introduced, even capable of being endgame.

Tarkus, Utasinoraptor and Indo2 for instance were capable of holding their own in battle in library, and Dsungaia was probably just as great (she was in skill tournaments, at least). I’m still not sure I understand why Carnotarkus received two nerfs, considering she was barely seen in the arena.

I know some love the raids, but what had to happen for them to exist has really ruined the fun of this game, and lowered the amount of viable dinos dramatically.

I loved Utasinoraptor it was in my team since I unlocked it. Then they took critical impact away and did the other changes with fierce cunning and whatever the others are. Made it suck and I had to remove it.

Its really sad how legendaries got gutted in 2.0.

Utahsino used to be my all time favorite dino. Awsome model design, great damage, and it used to have a deaccelerating strike which was op for handling other raptors. Really makes me sad that so many legendaries are just garbage now.

I’d love to see most of them be endgame worthy, there’s a ton of great designs and kits that are held back by stats from competing with uniques.
It’d really help with the variety issue in the endgame meta is too.

I’m not sure why people want the legendaries to be end game.

Am I missing something?

Should we be doing away with unique and apex dinos then?

Because we need more variety, i tired always facing the same creature over and over.

Ultimately, don’t you think the game would be more fun if at least on some level everything was endgame viable? Now yes, each rarity tier should be a slight upgrade but it doesn’t have to be a massive upgrade

If I am honest I firmly believe that each rarity should be better than the last.

It’s pointless to carry on playing if the harder to find and fuse dinos are no better than the easier ones.

Look at Monolometrodon, Dracoceratops, IndoR gen2 as examples of dinos that split the community as so many of us felt they were op. Not too mention Rixis and Yoshi as epics that broke the rarity/strength logistics.

So if we start making legendaries as good as the unique and apex we will simply create divisions amongst the player base again.

Does that make it boring at the end game?
Maybe so, but not if all uniques stood a chance and could be useful. And perhaps the odd legendary in the mix for a strategic option may be cool. But not a whole group that would serve to make it unnecessary to fuse uniques.

I personaly think that spesificly legendary s-hybrids should be somewhat end game viable (not as much as uniques but at least usable)

In particilar stuff like tarkus as they are hard to make due to their execlusive components

For legendary hybrids tho i’d say no as they’re still gonna fuse into uniques that are gonna be usable


Well I will (slightly) disagree. Although each rarity should be better than the previous it shouldn’t be leaps and bounds. If you love a rare it should put you at a disadvantage to have it on your team but it should be completely useless.