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Where are all of the missing achievements? rewards and incentives for reaching certain arenas etc.

Why can you complete all of the achievements at c. level 12 or so? Give us something to strive for please Ludia, dangle a few carrots under our noses.

When I first reached some of the upper arena tiers and didn’t get an achievement but did get a SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER i was disappointed.


Hi Eggs,

I can understand what you’re trying to say here, but to be frank this is how most of the games work. The achievements and incentives are for low tier players to boost and motivate them. For the upper tier players, there are leaderboards and PvPs. I work in a game testing organisation, and trust me I’ve seen some worst games which try to milk money out of people. Comparatively, I feel Ludia is still giving out a decent amount of freebies, and opportunities to gain DNAs, coins and cash to the players. They’ve even lowered the cutoff for PvP rewards, so that most of the people fit in that priveleged criteria. The bitter truth is, after a point each game has to be monetized, for a better and continued support and thus the Special One Time Offers so that we make purchases, and they can earn some money for Developers, Customer Support teams, and of course the Quality Assurance/ Testing teams.

It’s just that so much is going on in the forum, and I can see people complaining about nerfing the dinos, calling the game as scam, alleging other players for cheating, and all, and nobody is actually pointing at the positive aspects of the game. At the end even the production teams and developers need some motivation from the players, so I think we can be a little considerate to them.


You get banned for trying to defend LUDIA or be positive. The forum “meta” is bash and complain.


Thanks for your reply - interesting perspective. I’m also involved in the industry and am a long time player of ingress and pogo.

My post wasn’t about the achievement rewards DNA / coins or cash AT ALL, just the achievements themselves. Not the rewards, just the achievements themselves. I see the two as seperate game elements.

It’s too easy to come on these forums and complain that the game designers aren’t giving the players enough ingame currency / items - I’ll leave that up to the 100’s of other posts.

I’m making a distinction between an achievement and any tangle reward of ingame currency or items. E.g. the badges in Ingress, the majority of achievements in World of Warcraft etc. These offer no actual reward in ingame currency, items, points.

As a level 16(?) player it was rewarding and gave me a feeling of satisfaction to start knocking the achievements off. The paltry amounts of cash or coins were spent a long time ago, but the achievements remain on my profile. Then all of a sudden they stopped and I dont know why. When they stopped, my drive to collect more of them stopped as well.

A dimension of the game stopped.

Irrespective of the game theory side of things, as a player i felt disappointed that the achievement metagame stopped so quickly. My son and his best friend felt the same.

Ludia are missing a trick here, and a trick that works well in other games, especially in Ingress where many of the players are playing very different achievement based metagames.

There are so many potential untapped ingame metrics that Ludia are already recording that could easily be wrangled into a rewardless badge / achievement system.


an example of the sort of thing i’m talking about would be a badge on my profile for participating in the upcoming alliance rush event.

tiered to hook the achievement nerds… 1 arena win during event = silver, 5 arena wins during event = blue, 10+ wins = gold. Outside the current top 50 alliance rewards.

Arena wins or arenas entered during event? i’m easy either way.

Ludia know the numbers and can set them better than me, i just pulled numbers out of thin air.


Profile pictures and limited editions of dinosaurs work well to as incentives. Especially limited time event profiles.

Those also encourage legit competition as the people who go hard to get them will do it honorably so they have a personal good feeling over it. As opposed to this current new event.

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Maybe something like “shiny” dinos? Works well for Pogo players (I’m now quite casual, but still love it when I catch a shiny mon).


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This makes much more sense now. I think even I’ve read in some thread about the shiny dinos, probably in some thread mentioning updates/ changes we want to see in JWA.

Limited edition profile pics/ badges and different skin tones will definitely add to game’s asset, and will give a feeling of being rewarded to the end user as well.



something like this :stuck_out_tongue: