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just wanted to know.

If anything, it needs a buff.


But there are some threads wanting Alloraptor to be nerfed.

I’d say an hp increase to 3300, don’t want it to be too strong

@Stygionyx1 yes… some do want a nerf but if there in marshes thats my fault … i wreck people with like wreck im not kidding the highest amount of boosts on the dinos on my other than alloraptor are 3 my Alloraptor…13 tiers for now soon it will be 30.

A lil stun resist and a slight hp buff

the thing that makes it balanced is that its actually able to counetr for example stun and bleed #scorpius g3 even tho i dont see it in marshes so @ @

Alloraptor can be very OP in the right conditions, such as advantage tournaments when someone has one nitro boosted. It hits for 6000 damage. It’s insane, however, it’s very easily countered in the higher arenas. Someone busted one out on me recently at 132 speed and idk what attack but the rampage hit for 6000+. I swapped in Scorpius and it was a wrap. I think I took 1500 damage or something.

I personally don’t agree with you just for the fact that it has 3 rampages

It does need a buff. It looks OP on paper, but when put in to use, it is underwhelming. It’s prone to swap in, is very frail, and if you boost its hp, you’ll need attack, which makes it slow, so it loses to speedsters.

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It may have 3 rampages, but when you don’t have the health to pull off 2,it really isn’t that good. I mean really, it needs health

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Yes, possibly losing a rampage and giving it more health would be fair. It is a raptor though so maybe not

Well I wouldn’t mind something similar to it’s old moveset just have FI take place of DI with a nice 600 hp buff.

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nah it’s fine as it is, no need for a nerf nor a buff

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Then why is it never used? It mostly needs a health buff. Should get it given that Allo Gen 2 has 4500 HP.

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Depends on the arena. I see this thing ALL THE TIME in aviary. I also use it myself. The reason it isn’t used higher up is probably because it’s a hard to level up legendary and there are better uniques to get who can do a similar job (Magna).

If it really needed a buff I’d say hp from 3000 to 3300-3600 at most.

I’ve seen maybe 4 in Aviary ( I’ve been in it for almost 6 months now). Also it’s hard to level up Allo, but stuff like Draco and Mono are easy. Plus this is supposed to be a glass cannon anti tank with some ability to handle fierce. Like Mags, it’s too squishy though. WAY too squishy for it’s role.


its just that… its immune to something … speed reduction and it has rending take down making it nice to take out things high in Armour but most of you guys are in higher arenas than me ,considering i’m only in marshes

Yeah, it’s very good in low arenas. Does well against the right matchups as well

like it wont take down a skoona for example