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Underdog take downs

This is my contribution

So for all those whales out there I give you this…BOOST DOESN’T EQUAL SKILL… that is all


Ps he didn’t go for mutual fury so don’t say well why didn’t he cause I have no idea :sweat_smile:

My only memorable one was vs Dimok last season. LOL

Out skilled, out classed, and out boosted.
It was one of the most phenomenal luck based matches I ever had.
All 4 of my draws countered his, he got no crits, his Erlidom couldn’t dodge, and everything I had was criting like mad. All I could do after the match was hit the “Ooops” emoji because they don’t have a “You were cheated” one.
I’m hoping it was so funny he laughed it off, because it could have been phone throwing bad. LOL Getting 0-3ed in Nublar is a rare occurrence.


Honestly getting a 3-0 is rare occurrence in any arena now a days

Definitely agree, boosts can’t buy you skill.

My unboosted Gemini lvl 24 destroyed this Indo just because player played CI first and Evasive second. I played Decel. Rampage, Nullify, Decel. Rampage.

Next came boosted Thor and last unboosted Tenontorex for opponent. Won it easily 3-1.

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these whales are very predictable with their moves, so with the right creature, you can take down even the strongest boosted

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