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Undermountain guild is looking for new Active members

As the title says, we are looking for active new members who will participate in Rally events and log in often to request and donate gear. We currently require 12 to 15 new members but if we get additional requests to join I will also be booting current low participation players.

Donations should be maintained above 1000 gold coins and although preference was previously given to higher ranks in the PVP arena, we will accept low ranked players with the expectation being they will maintain their donations and participate to avoid being kicked from the guild.

We have gotten the Silverhand gear in all previous boss rally events, if you are looking to get premium gear, this is an opportunity to contribute to a strong but semi-strict guild.

We are currently making our event minimums with only 50% active members playing those events. Looking to increase members actively playing these events at full capacity to increase the guilds overall strength.

Search “Undermountain” in game and request to join if this sounds like its for you. Thanks!

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BUMP as we are looking again. Require 15 to 20 new and active members.