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Underrated and overrated dinosaurs

What in your opinion is the most underrated and the most overrated dinosaurs?

Underrated : Spyx, Dio, Allorap, Dsungaia, Spinocon, Dilorach, Tenrex, Paramoloch, Diplovenator
Overrated : Tryko

(Based on the skill tourney and not arena)


Overrated: Tryko, easily. This thing is so boring to fight against. It makes battles so lame, unfun and tedious, but its everyone’s pet just because its an original and most in my arena got it for free on St Patrick’s day.

Kaprosuchus as underrated. Thor: overrated.


Procerathomimus is pretty overrated in my opinion. It might be strong for what it is, but you have to put in so many boosts to make it viable that you could instead just pick any other epic and make it almost equally as good.

Stygidaryx is clearly underrated. People often say it’s useless since we’re in an “immune meta”, but I don’t think that statement is true. Look at your team, how many of your team members are fully immune? Probably not that many. Stygidaryx can just swap in without taking damage most of the time and immediately swap out while taking away half of the opponent’s HP in just two turns while often not even receiving damage at all because of its high speed. Even if Stygidaryx is going to receive some damage, it can tank a lot of damage.


Underated. Carnotarkus


Underrated: Carnotarkus, alloraptor, tryostronix, Indom g2, Dsungaia, Erlikospyx, Monostegotops, Apatosaurus. (joke)
Overrated: Testacornibus, Spinoconstrictor, procerathomimus, Thor, stigydaryx

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Thor, indo gen2, and procerath are the morst overrated things out there. They’re broken. They’re busted. Ludia please nerf them. There are too many threads devoted to these guys.
Honorable mention: stigydarex: Conidering we’re in an immune meta and manyb of the top-tier creatures are immune to bleed or areslower than 128 with a cleansing move on turn 1, it just has no place. And something like grypo or sarco better utilize no escape. Worst unique in the game

When it comes to underrated, there are a couple different categories. When it comes to non-hybrids for example, the most underrated is by far Marsupial Lion. In the RE skill tournament at first, there were a bunch of people who said “it’s good, but not the best.” By the end, it’s a no-brainer to say who the king of the tournament was
Honorable mention: baryonyx. Considering the fact that it is the only non-hybrid to have a winning matchup against something like mammolania is insane. Not to mention decent matchups in tournaments as well
When it comes to hybrids, I gotta say dio and tarkus. not many people realize how much utility dio has and this thing can be used in multiple scenarios. Tarkus is also here because of its utility and insane damage output

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Spinoconstrictor and Xernias overrated?

Everybody underrated constrictor and everybody say testacornibus is bad.

And after…

Who underrated alloraptor, tryo and carno?

Indo gen 2 is overrated.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Underrated: Literally every ceratopsian.

When Monostego is used both in the arena and has a pressence in skill tournaments that allow legendaries and even uniques, Stegocera and Sinocera are used in epic tournaments top 50 quite often, Einias being a threat in rare tournaments, and TrikeG2 and Einio being the best commons bar miragaia, how anyone can continue to say ceratopsians are bad is beyond me.


Cause of constrictor’s nerf. It’s immune to distraction, I know, but man did that damage nerf hurt it’s damage output vs immune to DoT dinos.
And testacornibus gets killed by even Secodonto. It literally needs Dig In.

Thor is for sure overrated, while Tryo is extremely underrated


Nasuto is pretty darn good too. With distraction too it helps dish damage put after you swap in. Swap in stun > distract > stun > distract lol.


I wouldn’t call this one underrated but more like underused given its Tyrant status


Mine is Lvl 27 and can wreck teams as players don’t know how to counter it. Not bragging but I know how to counter it simply because I have mine!


I don’t use it personally, but I always figured Monomimus was underrated. People always say Procerathomimus is too strong, but Monomimus has practically the same kit, with the only differences being Distracting Strike instead of Instant Distraction and swap in dodge instead of swap in nullification. I personally feel like swap in dodge is better (since Procerathomimus often nullifies turn one anyway), but both have their uses. The stats are better too, except speed, but give it a few extra speed boosts and they’re the same. I guess what I’m saying is that if the only thing that separates a supposed op Dino and a supposed irrelevant one is instant distraction… well, then I think we found the problem with Procerathomimus.

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I once lost a game because I expected Monomimus to have ID. I rarely see one in the arena.

Well its not the instant distract heh. Its the stats. Look at the garbage epic outclassed monomi. Why even nerf monomi if they’re going to have something worse? Lol. They make 0 sense.


You’re right. Lol my rat was set to level 15 for some reason on the guide. Yeah that does explain it.

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Overrated= when the people say: “is op” but it isn’t true.
Nobody say Xernias is too op or a belanced unique.

Underrated= when the people say: “This is the worst creature in the game” but isn’t true.
Conscrictor is a good creature, he can beat much dinos without DoT immunity(triko, indo1, maybe indo2, Dio, grypo, ecc) but everybody say: “he is trash, he is the worst unique…”.

Spinocon’s good. However it loses to more dinos now that it got a damage nerf. everybody using Maxima, Gemini, Magna, Proceratho, mammotherium/lania, Indom g2, erlidom… You can literally just swap to an immune dino vs Spinocon.
Yes there were people that said both these things (testa is really good, Spinocon is really good at 5700+), it really isn’t… Even Erlikospyx can crush it. Testa is bad too