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Underrated and overrated dinosaurs

Yeah boosted Dimodactylus would be as op as procera lol

spinocon is hurt by the immune meta, like most other bleeders. but the few matchups she gets that aren’t immune to bleed she wrecks face. Both indos fall to it. Thor falls. (prediction based, but it does loose or has used up IC and is bleeding) Tryko falls. Spyx looses to Spinocon as well. (Precise Rampage turn one and no matter what spyx does it dies.)

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It does however bruise the boosted thors around 5000-5500+. (man I’m at like 5800 and still encountering them :frowning:)
But since like almost EVERY team has pretty boosted maxima/magna/erlidom on it, it’s terrible vs those 3, and that’s a free swap to either one if you are facing it. That unnecessary damage nerf just makes it feel like On escape evasive strike won’t even do a bit of damage when you swap now. That nerf really hurt it. The damage it could do vs immunes (precise rampage) is way less now…
Still, this dino is kinda like a gamble for what your opponent has on their team that’s immune and what isn’t.

i agree. i tend to use mine as a starter to test the waters. if i get a maxima or erlidom it dies quite easily but does tend to get a hit or two off. indos and trykos… it tends to force a swap out after dealing considerable damage. i love her play style and wish the meta didnt hurt her so much.


No. That’s a fact. Swap in null is terrible.



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Overrated: Smilonemys,Erlidominus,Thoradolosaur,Trykosaurus,Phorusaura

Underrated:- Purutaurus,Carnotarkus,Skoolasaurus,Monolometrodon,Quetzorion,Sarcorixis,Utarinex,Tuoramoloch.

Monostegotops is probably there cuz of the Stunlocking and deceleration. Maybe give it another stunning move for dig in and instead give it a shielding strike for distraction.

How is phorusaura overrated?

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Actually i think it’s underrated

underrated: constrictor, purutaruus, dsungaia
Overrated: thor, erlidom

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Overrated: yoshi, Thor, Indo gen 2, Erlidominus
Underrated: phorusaura (below shores), monostego, tryo