?Underrated Creatures?

Which is the most underrated creature in JWA?
  • Spinosaurus
  • Suchomimus
  • Tarbosaurus
  • Allosaurus
  • Sarcosuchus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Suchotator
  • Purrolyth
  • Other(reply below)

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Do you mean any creature, or just non-hybrids? Because Smilonemys is an underrated creature.


Anything except super hybrids


Ok. Just wish I played with them while I could. I’m too high up now, but Diplovenator is really fun and kinda shunned away. It’s counter is one of the best, plus immune to distraction and stun. Just needs health and damage.

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I personally think Spino is the most underrated creature in both Jurassic World the Game and Jurassic World Alive because it is supposed to be a way better creature and is comparable to other strong carnivores. And what I hate is that T Rex is just fine but Spino is way toooo underrated.

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Spino in rare skill tournaments is a beast. It’s underrated in JWTG though, but current understanding of Spino is that it was mostly aquatic, and it had a different life to most carnivores


Yeah a lot of spinosaurids are underrated. (JWE= Jurassic world evolution, JWTG= Jurassic World the Game, JWA= Jurassic World Alive)
Baryonyx - JWA = Great, JWTG = WOW, JWE = Trash
Ostrafrikasaurus - JWTG = Fine
Spinosaurus - JWTG = Not so good, JWA = Fine, JWE = Great
Suchomimus - JWTG = Fine, JWE = Fine, JWA = Trash
Irritator - JWTG = Trash, JWA = Fine

Baryonx in JWE is pretty good IMO

Nah it loses to almost every carnivore except Metriacanthosaurus in JWE. It is good against herbivores though.

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I just mean looks. I don’t let the dinos fight unless it’s a breakout and they collide, or a mission requires it.

Oh I don’t play it but I do know a lot about JWE so I agree with you.

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I just got it on the switch. So far so good.

all therizinosaurs
so overlooked

on irritator and spino, you forgot their g2’s

Purrolyth is an absolute beast!! No questioning that.

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Not really. Bary is OK

On the contrary, Spino is a beast. Top tier rare for sure. Better than either bary

spinoyx, entelochops, darwinopterx, and edaphocevia


I totally agree! Entelochops is fantastic and the mutual fury is super helpful for wit.

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Lol take one look at my prof. pic and everything will become clear


Dilophoboa right?