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?Underrated Creatures?

Oh yeah pyroraptor is horribly underrated. I love that thing.


There are many horribly underrated dinos. I’ll start with commons
Dilo g2, Deinocheirus, Nundasuchus, glyptodon
Andrewsarchus, kelenken, ornithomimus, moschops, diplotator, purrolyth
Epics: PYRORAPTOR DEFINITELY, alanqa, scutosaurus
Legendaries: alloraptor, acrocanthops, edaphocevia, diplovenator, pteraquetzal, rajaky, carbotoceratops
Uniques: tuoramoloch, erlidominus, dioraja, Gemini (best dino), grypolyth
Edit: spinonyx too


I agree with all of this. Unfortunately, I will be benching mine soon, because although it’s an RNG issue, I kid you not, in the arena the crit never hits (but somehow hits every time in strike towers) and gets stunned every single time without fail. Call me superstitious, but I just can’t anymore.

Pyroraptor, Scutosaurus, Deinocheirus, Rajasaurus, Megalosaurus , Moschops, Lythronax

Troodon is really nice. I haven’t seen one in epic tourneys, except mine

It’s not bad, but mine almost always took a rhino or a diplod to the face before I dropped it